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Sunshine Internet appears in the top 2 alliance! Graphene flame retardant EPS material took the lead in realizing industrialization in Changzhou 014 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI forum was grandly held in Beijing Liaoning building from March 27 to 28. As one of the exhibitors, sunny Internet showed the mature enterprise unified communication and collaborative office, which is an efficient and low-cost office mode, and attracted the attention of many participants

Figure 1. The staff of sunshine Internet made product demonstrations to the participants

after entering the era of information office, our daily work can change from cumbersome to simple, from the waste of company costs to cost savings. However, many enterprises still can't fully own this office mode, they can't quickly find the people they need to contact, and they don't know what state the other party is in, It is difficult to achieve collaboration between different regions. At this exhibition, sunshine Internet fully led participants to understand how to unify communication and how to work cooperatively

during the exhibition, zhongwenmin, the product manager of sunshine Internet unified communication, received an exclusive interview from CTI forum. Zhong Wenmin made a detailed introduction on how to realize unified communication:

sunshine Internet launched sunshine communication, which is based on hosted lync sever 2013 technology, and is an enterprise communication cloud service platform specially provided for the majority of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. It not only has the instant messaging function provided by traditional enterprises, so customers trust our industry im, Lync 2013 also provides real unified communication integrated with other office tools, and also provides multimedia conferences including instant message control, status, contact card, integrated voice, video, and data sharing

another sunshine cloud conference is based on the lync web app, which does not need to install the lync client, but directly experiences the conference based on the browser. It integrates independent components in the traditional sense of audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, content sharing and video conferencing solutions based on conference rooms into an integrated unified communication experience. It makes the organization, creation, joining, recording and archiving of meetings more practical, easy-to-use and efficient

Figure 2. Zhongwenmin, the product manager of sunshine Internet unified communication, was interviewed on site.

sunshine Internet catered to the Zui great experimental power and elongation communication and cooperation used to detect data under the theme of this year's Internet environment. It introduced a comprehensive unified communication solution, which can meet the needs of enterprises for low cost, high efficiency, easy maintenance, safety monitoring, centralized management, simple use, stable and reliable, and comprehensive functions, Solve various business challenges faced by enterprises

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