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Sungrow power has created a distributed photovoltaic "nearby power sale" operation mode

through the interconnected power lines, the photovoltaic power stations of Hefei ande Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei ande logistics") continue to supply power to the "neighbor" Hefei ensk Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei ensk"), and the remaining power can also be profitable. Recently, Hefei ande logistics 7500kw roof photovoltaic power station developed and constructed by sungrow power successfully generated electricity, creating a new operation mode of "selling electricity nearby" for solar photovoltaic power stations at one stroke, and also providing an innovative demonstration sample for the distributed photovoltaic application of high-performance separation membrane as the core material of new and efficient separation technology

it is understood that on the one hand, Hefei ande logistics covers a large area and has rich roof resources, and has excellent conditions for the construction of photovoltaic power stations, but its own power consumption is very small, which greatly reduces the efficiency of photovoltaic power stations. On the other hand, Hefei enske, which is adjacent to it, is accelerating its construction and has a large demand for electricity. Let Hefei ande logistics photovoltaic power station supply the electricity to Hefei ensk, which not only improves the efficiency of photovoltaic power station, but also solves the power consumption problem of Hefei ensk, and reduces the power consumption cost. A new operation mode of solar photovoltaic power station was born. It is understood that the project relies on the high-quality roof resources of about 85000 square meters of Hefei ande logistics to build a solar photovoltaic power station, with a total installed capacity of 7500 kW and an annual power generation capacity of about 7.5 million kwh. At present, sungrow power offers a certain price preference to photovoltaic power stations, which can save Hefei ensk 300.4 million yuan of electricity every year

"unlike ordinary roof photovoltaic power stations, the project adopts the mode of selling electricity nearby after completion, which is a new exploration in roof resource coordination, electricity regulation and consumption, and mechanism operation." Zhang Xucheng, the deputy general manager of sungrow power supply and the general displacement sensor of the power station business unit, told that in this way, even if the power demand of the enterprise itself is small, considerable economic benefits can be obtained by selling electricity nearby, which to a certain extent can enhance the enthusiasm of enterprises to build photovoltaic power stations and promote the application and expansion of distributed photovoltaic power stations

According to the current design specification

the electrical interference of instruments is often random and symmetrical. In March, the State Council issued several opinions on further deepening the reform of the power system, in which "orderly liberalizing the power distribution business to social capital" is known as the biggest highlight of the new plan of this round of power reform. The innovation of Hefei solar photovoltaic power station's operation mode of selling electricity nearby will undoubtedly provide more reference paths for the reform and development of China's power market

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