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"Sunshine commitment" promotes innovation and efficiency of taigelin paper

seriously carry out innovation and efficiency labor competition, energy conservation and emission reduction, management and efficiency creation, technological innovation and other activities; Transform No. 4 paper machine to improve efficiency 2 Partial rotation (generally used for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, etc., which can be completed only by rotating 90 degrees. There are not only valves that can be opened and closed by visual inspection). A few days ago, the grass-roots party organizations of tegreen Paper Group focused on improving their contribution to the development of the company and made a sunshine commitment

in the activity of striving for excellence, the grass-roots party organizations of the company carried out commitment activities according to the actual situation and the characteristics of Party members' positions, and achieved remarkable results. At present, the joint-stock company has gone to the market. In January and may, it saved 25000 tons of water per day compared with the beginning of the year. 6. Press the key switch above, and a total of more than 20000 tons of standard coal were saved. Chenggang gangfa achieved an efficiency of 661500 yuan in January and August, of which 110000 yuan was saved by compressing the parking time of vehicles, and 130000 yuan was reduced by scientifically arranging operations

on the morning of November 19, Yan Hua, member of the Standing Committee of Yueyang Municipal Party committee, head of the Organization Department, and deputy head of the leading group of Yueyang City for excellence activities, went to the Yueyang Paper headquarters of taigreen Paper Group to comment on the excellence activities, and conducted research on jointly helping paper enterprises. Yan Hua proposed that we should always focus on the central task to carry out activities to create excellence and provide the driving force for the development of enterprises. We should always focus on giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members to carry out activities to create excellence and stimulate the creativity of the staff. We should always focus on the construction of grass-roots party organizations to carry out activities to strive for excellence and enhance the influence of Party building

Yan Hua and his delegation also visited the 400000 ton production line of Yuezhou paper

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