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Sunshine Internet takes you to look forward to the value-added prospects of the unified communication platform

Preface: from the perspective of manufacturers and markets, the unified communication platform brings great potential and benefits. Then, we will analyze the benefits of the unified communication platform from the perspective of value-added applications. From this, we can also see the benefits of enterprise application of unified communication platform

broad prospects for value-added applications

with the continuous expansion of the company's storage area, the communication cost between the company's internal business departments also began to rise correspondingly. The contradiction between the realistic communication demand and the high communication cost began to highlight, and the internal unified communication problem has become one of the primary tasks that the company needs to solve

as a professional logistics enterprise approved by the Planning Bureau, a logistics center in Beijing is also the largest book logistics center in China, specializing in book storage, sorting and distribution services. As a third-party logistics business department, the comprehensive logistics department of the center has undertaken the logistics business of many large enterprises, equipped with more than 100 professional transportation vehicles

thanks to good management and operation, the business scale of the logistics center has been expanding in recent years, and its new reservoir area has also been completed one by one. Since there is a certain distance between each warehouse and the office building from a domestic perspective, the internal communication of the enterprise must be realized with the help of communication tools. The communication cost is increasing, and the burden on the enterprise operation is also increasing

due to the wireless mesh network coverage of all reservoir areas and office buildings before, the logistics center has determined to carry out enterprise information business and realize the application scheme of unified communication platform management on the basis of the existing wireless network. After early product selection and internal testing, the center finally chose the enterprise level business communication of sunshine Internet information technology company

according to the implementation situation, the person in charge of the logistics center: on the basis of the existing mesh network, by deploying IP phones, WiFi, IAD and other equipment in each warehouse to realize the access of extension users, it can quickly and cheaply meet the needs of free voice communication within the center, and WiFi can also cooperate with the mesh network to realize mobile communication in the wireless coverage area. Enterprise level business connect can also provide value-added services such as switchboard service distance measurement, conference, voice mail, Department 800 by rotating photoelectric encoder

after the completion of the system construction, after a period of actual operation, the logistics center is very satisfied with the actual effect. In addition to the various technical functions fully meeting the previous commitments, the system also brings application value in many aspects to its enterprises:

first, the cost reduction. Only after the implementation of phase I project, the company can save 48% of the cost compared with the previous communication mode

secondly, it improves the communication efficiency. The simplicity of specialized business operation and the effect of zero cost of internal communication can greatly meet the needs of internal business communication and release internal potential

the third is the rational utilization of resources. In the process of the special service charge monitoring experiment, the existing basic network resources of customers are used, and the network environment and usage habits of users are basically not changed, and the service goal of the unified communication platform is achieved

finally, it improves customer satisfaction. The improvement of communication efficiency directly improves the efficiency of the internal operation of the enterprise, which is reflected in the end-users. More customers choose the services of the logistics company

in fact, for the logistics center, the value of the newly built unified communication platform is far more than the current one. In the future, they can also access all their partners through the Internet. At the same time, with the improvement of enterprise service level

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