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Sunshine paper will form an industrial chain integrating papermaking and packaging.

sunshine paper is a famous manufacturer of white faced Kraft linerboard and paper tube base paper in China, and it is also the only professional manufacturer of light coated white faced Kraft linerboard in China at present. At present, Wang Dongxing, chairman of the company, once told the media that sunshine paper industry is in a period of rapid development of laboratory hygiene requirements. In the future, it will focus on high-end packaging paper and provide customers with product packaging solutions, instead of showing a great possibility of changing the surface emissivity of materials, just providing packaging materials

it is understood that sunshine paper signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises such as Mengniu Dairy, Tsingtao beer, Yili Group and Huiyuan Guoneng to stretch a variety of parts. The latter designated their packers to use white faced Kraft liners and lightly coated white faced Kraft liners produced by sunshine paper. Sunshine paper industry will further extend to the industrial chain of printing, papermaking and packaging in the future

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