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Sunshine printing helps the iterative upgrading of express packaging, or promotes the green recyclable turnover box

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core tip: "accelerate the application of green packaging, and promote the greening and recycling of express packaging..." during the two sessions this year, how to "turn green" express packaging faster became a hot topic on behalf of the committee members. In order to deal with the problems of express packaging pollution and high logistics costs, green development has become the common target of logistics and other related industries and enterprises

[China Packaging News] "accelerate the application of green packaging, and promote the greening and recycling of express packaging..." during the two sessions this year, how to quickly "turn green" express packaging became a hot topic on behalf of the members. In order to deal with the problems of express packaging pollution and high logistics costs, green development has become the common target of logistics and other related industries and enterprises

from March 19 to 21, the "global logistics technology conference" hosted by China Federation of logistics and purchasing was held in Haikou. At the international mind feast of "logistics black technology show", the green environmental protection carton "sunshine treasure box" independently developed by sunshine printing won the "2018 Logistics Technology Innovation Award". Yangbin, COO of yangguangyin, revealed in his speech that the third generation of packaging boxes independently developed by yangguangyin - Green recyclable turnover boxes - will be with you soon

it is reported that since the launch of the packaging and printing business in 2015, sunshine printing has been trying to supply a full range of printing materials and packaging consumables by selecting hard materials at a lower speed. In terms of Green Express packaging, it has been making a big fuss. So, what is special about the third generation of green recyclable turnover boxes launched by sunshine printing this time

recyclable containers are about to be launched

"soon, we will officially launch the third generation of packaging boxes - Green recyclable containers. At present, both Airbus and Boeing are very interested in graphene. This packaging box is another breakthrough that integrates the advantages of the previous two generations of packaging boxes and helps enterprises further practice green environmental protection." Yang Bin said at the meeting

compared with the previous two generations of packaging boxes, the third generation of packaging green recyclable turnover boxes have the characteristics of high compressive strength, folding, small footprint, light weight, high durability, recyclable materials, etc

first, help enterprises practice green environmental protection. "In fact, when designing each new generation of packaging, we take full account of reducing packaging materials, energy consumption and other issues." Yang Bin said frankly that this new type of packaging box continues the previous environmental protection and green standards, uses green and low-energy materials, and optimizes the design structure, striving to comprehensively reduce the material and energy consumption of the packaging box

secondly, solve the pain point of high green packaging costs. Through recycling, we can continuously improve the use times of packaging and greatly reduce the cost. "This time, we used materials with high durability and recyclable use, which can be reused more than 20 times, further facilitating the promotion of green products and effectively solving the pain point of high green packaging costs." Yang Bin emphasized

three iterations escort Green Express

for a long time, sunshine printing has been making continuous efforts to provide a full range of packaging consumables for the logistics and express industry, including packaging boxes, express bags, express orders, tapes, fillers, etc

"at present, we have served aircraft carrier level e-commerce such as tmall,, Suning, beauty fashion e-commerce such as jumeiyoupin and ChuChu street, as well as many leading logistics and express enterprises such as cainiaolo, China Post, home express and Baishi Huitong. While expanding our total business volume, we know that we are shouldering the mission of promoting the green transformation of the entire industrial chain, so we continue to promote the iterative upgrading of green packaging." Yang Bin emphasized

At the meeting, Yang Bin also reviewed the development of sunshine printing in the independent research and development of express packaging boxes in recent years

the first generation of ordinary corrugated boxes are the most common packaging boxes we see every day. They are characterized by low cost and wide use, but their disadvantages are that they can only be used once, and a large amount of adhesive tape is consumed in the process of use. Make the main working piston rise by a certain distance. The second generation of reusable green packaging (sunshine treasure box) is based on the first generation of packaging, and further optimizes the development of materials, structural design, etc. it initially has the characteristics of environmental protection and green, and has the advantages of eliminating tape, etc., which can be reused and reduce the use cost

"in 2017, we specially invested in the establishment of a green product research institute, and launched two generations of sunshine treasure boxes successively. Both in terms of materials and design, the sunshine treasure box has fully considered environmental factors, such as reducing the environmental pollution caused by tape. At the same time, many clever ideas have been injected into the design, bringing consumers a brand-new upgrading experience. At the same time, it plays an important role in environmental protection and consumption reduction." Yang Bin analyzed

build all in green industrial chain

"As an Internet platform linking tens of thousands of current foam granulator industry, which should pay attention to environmental protection issues, processing and manufacturing suppliers and hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers, and practice the enterprise level sharing economy model, our purpose is to help enterprise customers realize sunshine, transparent and efficient procurement through high-quality supply chain management and the natural advantages of SaaS system services. Now sunshine printing wants all in to build a green industrial chain." Yang Bin said

in addition, according to Yang Bin, after the launch of the third generation packaging, yangguangyin will, as always, disclose to the public the free use of green technology patents

"our ultimate goal is to take advantage of the R & D advantages of sunshine printing, help more enterprises avoid the high cost of developing green products, and let more participants in the packaging industry chain join the ranks of promoting green packaging." Yang Bin said frankly

it is reported that yangguangyin also actively participates in green organizations. For example, as a major supplier of green packaging, he joined the "Green Plan" of Cainiao network and became a partner of high-quality green packaging suppliers; Recently, Ms. Zhang Hongmei, the founder of sunshine seal, was invited by Mr. AI Luming, President of Alashan see ecological association, to join the Alashan green organization family

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