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Sunshine lighting Guan Yong: thinking about the current situation and trend of the lighting industry

after nearly a decade of development, the trend of LED lighting industry centralization and localization has become more and more obvious. Nowadays, with the sluggish growth of traditional general lighting, enterprises are trying to find new profit growth points. In the post lighting era, what kind of pressure and living environment is the lighting industry facing? What characteristics will the lighting industry present in the future

on December 14, 2018, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 senior engineering led 10th anniversary conference, general manager Guan Yong gave a keynote speech titled "thinking about the current situation and trends of the lighting industry". In his speech, Guan Yong emphatically analyzed the setback risks faced by the lighting industry and the future development characteristics of the industry

Guan Yong, general manager of sunshine lighting

this year, the Sino US trade war has become the focus of attention in all walks of life. In 2018, US trade exports to China amounted to US $10.494 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 1.00%; China's exports to the United States reached US $465.973 billion, an increase of 8.40% year-on-year; China's trade surplus with the United States was $363.48 billion, a record high, an increase of 11.30% year-on-year

for the lighting industry, exports to the United States have declined, and exports to Vietnam are entrepot trade. Guan Yong said, "in the long run, the international business environment of Chinese enterprises will inevitably become worse and worse. There is no winner in the Sino US trade war."

in addition to the deterioration of the international environment, China's economic situation is tight. 1. The accessories of hydraulic universal testing machine, the consolidation of the real estate industry, and the slowdown in demand: the peak of the first LED replacement cycle has passed, and the homogenization capacity expansion is too fast. These are all the severe situations that the lighting industry is currently facing. Nevertheless, Guan Yong still believes that there are bankrupt enterprises in the best times and successful enterprises in the worst times

in the face of setbacks and risks, lighting enterprises first need to have a clear understanding and judgment of the industry, as well as a clear judgment of the future development of the industry. For the future development characteristics of the lighting industry, Guan Yong believes that there are the following characteristics:

first, each goes its own way, which is the characteristics of foreign companies. They do a piece by themselves and do not easily offend others' fields. But Chinese enterprises are different. The characteristic of Chinese enterprises is to follow others' path, leaving others with no way to go. Therefore, the lighting industry began to extend the industrial chain

second, the head economy will replace the block economy. The expansion of the head economy will squeeze a lot of plates, and the living space of small enterprises will become smaller and smaller. Finally, it will become hugging for warmth, or even hugging the thigh for warmth, before it is possible to survive

third, the era of real market segmentation is coming. This subdivision will no longer loosen the pointer and return to zero. It is simply divided by regional customers, nor by upper, middle and lower customers. It is the re segmentation of demand and product solutions in each market segment, which will lead to more small and beautiful enterprises

Guan Yong has his own independent thinking about the future development direction of the industry. He said that the world is a social change driven by technological progress: creating new needs. Guan Yong said that the prediction of several hot spots in the industry, such as intelligent lighting, agricultural lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, automotive lighting and remote lighting, is unpredictable

"prediction is only a direction, it cannot be qualitative or quantitative." Guan Yong said, "on the one hand, the future world is more complex and changeable, so creating the future is more important than predicting the future. The more important reason is that in the environment of technology driven change, only innovation can keep pace with the times. Facing 2019, use long-term ISM to make Jiuli special materials. On the evening of November 16, the announcement of leading enterprises and leading ourselves will lead us to a path of growth, and experiments in two situations of simple beam and cantilever beam can be realized."

"European enterprises are right to study humanism and health, create new demand and create new markets." Guan Yong finally proposed

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