Best color printing quality inspection method

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Color printing quality inspection method

invention Name: color printing quality inspection method

patent application No.: 03120817

Abstract: a color printing quality inspection method, which is characterized by: sampling the color printed image according to the color division, and directly checking the chromaticity error of the sampled image, and the sampling density is 1% - 10% of the original image. The invention directly checks the chromaticity error of the color image after sampling, instead of converting the color image into a "black-and-white model" and then carrying out the electronic universal experimental machine, which can test and analyze the mechanical and technological properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials, such as stretching, shearing, peeling, tightening, bending, tearing, puncture, bursting and so on, It avoids the serious defect of "black-and-white model", which is very sensitive to the environment when indirectly checking various chromaticity errors of color printing. The invention also provides an inspection method for checking the quality of banknotes, which can check all errors of the quality of banknotes, and the inspection data is greatly reduced. The inspection equipment is simple, the inspection speed is fast, and there is no specimen fracture. Users can use the existing functions of the software to complete the mechanical test project. After the test cycle value is automatically locked, the white balance correction needs to be carried out three times a day

* * * dynamic force value error is a main performance index of fart experiment machine * * * *

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