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"Sunshine travel" rents the mycomm call center platform to serve customers

through the call center hosting service, enterprises can use their own agents to log in to the managed call center platform in their own offices to realize all call center functions. This way can not only avoid the difficulties faced by self built call centers, but also use their own seats to provide services to customers, and firmly grasp the core resources in the hands of the enterprise itself

about Sunshine Travel

PetroChina sunshine travel is a comprehensive tourism enterprise jointly established by PetroChina International Travel Service and Beijing Aoer International Air Service Co., Ltd. to provide travel services, external social individual guest room reservations, air ticket reservations, conferences and exhibitions, tourism, free travel and other services for PetroChina's internal customers, which is subordinate to China National Petroleum Corporation

sunshine travel is characterized by the development of international and domestic improved friction and consumption of unique tourism resources in the oil industry, relying on the unique natural landscape of the region where the oil enterprises are located and perfect tourism facilities, facing the international and domestic tourism market, and serving domestic and foreign tourists wholeheartedly. Relying on the strong group resources of more than 60 business, Holiday Inn, sanatorium and sunshine travel under sunshine hotel group, the company provides customers with the most comprehensive qualified services

advantages of SaaS call center

with the economic development, small and medium-sized enterprises have a growing demand for call centers. With the development of network and communication technology, some communication service providers such as mycomm communication have launched managed call centers in real time. This kind of call center is built by service providers who purchase professional equipment to provide services to enterprises in the form of leasing. Such a service mode saves the huge cost of building a call center for enterprises, allows the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to use the call center, completely breaks the ice of the popularity of the call center, so that enterprises do not need to invest in hardware equipment, easily have rich call center functions, quickly launch a variety of service methods, and effectively improve the ability of enterprise marketing recommendations to use switching regulators and customer satisfaction

mycom cloud call center

mycom managed call center completely breaks the wall of high call center construction costs. The data display base of steelbenchmarker station is applicable to all large, medium and small enterprises. By applying for the opening of mycomm call center, you can use all the call center functions configured on the platform, such as IVR voice, route transfer, roster management, traffic control and other functions, eliminating the work of building and maintenance. With low cost, convenient operation and simple maintenance, it is a new call center building mode suitable for most large, medium and small enterprises in China

in order to better serve customers, sunshine travel finally adopted mycomm call center system after multiple comparisons to achieve the goals of quickly responding to customers' needs, monitoring service quality, paying attention to customer satisfaction and winning customers' reputation

mycomm call center advantages

improve user experience

improve customer satisfaction

User panoramic information collection

improve operational efficiency

improve service quality

save human resources

save operating costs

establish enterprise equipment for experimental industry image

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