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China needs an independent and innovative shield machine industrial system

China needs an independent and innovative shield machine industrial system

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Guide: as an influential country, China cannot rely on foreign equipment and talents for a long time to develop underground space. Moreover, some major national secret projects will pose a serious threat to safety if imported shield machines are used. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to establish an independent shield machine industrial system

as an influential country, China cannot rely on foreign equipment and talents to develop underground space for a long time. Moreover, some major national secret projects will pose a serious threat to safety if imported shield machines are used. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to establish an independent shield machine industrial system

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's urban subway construction projects have been carried out in succession. According to Dong Biqin, former deputy director of the major affairs office of the State Council, Premier Zhu Rongji said at that time that China's subway construction must use domestic equipment

in this context, in order to improve the technical level of domestic TBMs and form a pillar industry as soon as possible, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the "863" plan of the Ministry of science and technology and the "national major technical equipment plan" of the National Development and Reform Commission have promoted the localization of shield equipment as the development focus

in 2006, several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") was officially issued. Article 10 of the opinions points out: "meet the needs of railway, water conservancy projects, urban rail transit and other construction projects, speed up the development of large-scale construction machinery such as large section rock boring machines, and master the manufacturing technology of key equipment as soon as possible." At the working meeting on the implementation of the "opinions" on March 8th, 2006, Zeng Peiyan, then Vice Premier of the State Council, pointed out that, "In accordance with the" several opinions " Spirit, seize the opportunity, accelerate development, strive to develop a number of large-scale competitive technological equipment manufacturing enterprise groups, manufacturing concentration areas and engineering research and development centers by 2010, preliminarily establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, enhance the manufacturing capacity of major technological equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and gradually form a pattern of equipment manufacturing industry with reasonable division of labor, mutual promotion and coordinated development. "

It is understood that before 2005, the share of foreign products in China's shield machine market was as high as 95%. The research and design, localization and serialization of shield products in China have just started. Only Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. has made a breakthrough in independent intellectual property rights, and many fields are still blank. Only a few enterprises in China can act as subcontractors, and the distribution proportion is generally about 15% of the total contract price

with the completion of the "863" plan and the "Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan" and other scientific and technological projects, China has made great progress in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, measurement, control technology and geotechnical construction technology, and the relevant technology basically meets the needs of the development of modern shield technology. After more than 40 years of efforts, China's shield industry has accumulated a number of professionals, laying a certain foundation in scientific research, design, manufacturing, professional construction teams and so on

after continuous development and improvement in recent years, China's shield independent industry system has been initially established. At present, Shanghai tunnel, North heavy industry, China Railway Tunnel and other enterprises have independent research and development capabilities, have production bases, and can produce shield equipment with independent intellectual property rights

--- Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., founded in 1965, is the first professional company engaged in soft soil tunnel and underground engineering in China. It is the first enterprise in China's construction industry to set up an academician research office and a postdoctoral workstation. The company has a shield design, test and research center and China's first large-scale multifunctional shield test platform with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the world's advanced level. In the 1960s, the company and Jiangnan Heavy Industry jointly designed and manufactured China's first format shield tunneling machine. "This can simplify the supply chain." apur lathiya, senior business development manager of Lubrizol medical equipment, said recently at the MDM exhibition in Anaheim; In the early 1990s, China developed its first earth pressure balanced roadheader with a diameter of 4.35 meters; In the 21st century, China first cooperates in the production of China's first double circular pipe jacking machine, and then independently develops China's first super large rectangular pipe jacking machine. The company has built all highway tunnels and subway tunnels across the bottom of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, with projects in many cities in China and expanded to overseas markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore

in order to break the monopoly of foreign countries and promote the localization of shield equipment, the Ministry of science and technology included the development of key technologies of EPB shield machine in the "863" plan in 2001. Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. and China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. combined their advantages in design, manufacturing and construction with Zhejiang University, Tongji University and other units to establish a research group combining production, learning and research, which opened the prelude to the industrialization of shield machines in China. After more than two years of introduction and cooperation, digestion and absorption, independent research and development and other stages, in September 2004, China's first metro shield tunneling machine with independent intellectual property rights "pioneer" was launched in Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., thus ending the long-standing situation of foreign shield tunneling in domestic metro tunneling projects. The "advance number" reflects the rich experience in the design and manufacture of underground construction equipment of Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. for 40 years, which usually places wedges with different angles under the bolt head (clamp concrete) when carrying out wedge load tests. It integrates the advantages of various shield manufacturing systems in the world today, integrates the stability of European products and the economy of Japanese products, and the price is only two-thirds of that of imported shield machines. In the process of developing the "advance number", tunnel Co., Ltd. obtained 33 technical patents. Through the national supporting and self-development and manufacturing of parts, the localization rate of "pioneer" has reached about 70%

on June 28, 2005, the "advance"

completed its first excavation, and its construction efficiency, work quality, operation stability and other comprehensive indicators reached the international advanced level. In December, 2005, on the premise of fully reaching the quality of tunnel construction, the "advance" created the fastest daily advance record of domestic subway shield with 32 rings and 38.4 meters per day, and broke the new record of foreign shield's daily advance (the fastest single day advance speed of imported shield is 26 rings and 31.2 meters), while the fastest single month advance speed reached 566.4 meters (the fastest single month advance speed of imported shield is 531 meters) Its main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign shield machines, and the designed tunneling life of shield machines is equivalent to that of foreign shield machines

on November 10, 2010, the key project in the field of advanced manufacturing technology of the national "863" plan, "key technology and prototype development of slurry balanced shield", undertaken by five units including Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., passed the technical acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology, and many key technologies reached the international advanced level. With completely independent intellectual property rights, the slurry balanced shield prototype "Jinyue", with a diameter of 11.22 meters, was successfully applied to the Dapu Road double track tunnel project supporting the Shanghai WorldExpo, and completed the tunnel excavation task with a total length of 1472 meters. During the construction process, the "Jinyue" slurry balance shield machine advanced smoothly, especially in the protection of adjacent structures and the propulsion of ultra small radius tunnels, showing the characteristics of flexible operation of domestic shield equipment. The successful development of "Jinyue" fills the gap in the domestic core technology in the field of large-diameter slurry balance shield machine design and manufacturing, and changes the situation that China's large-diameter shield machine completely depends on imports

--- NORINCO began to enter the field of shield equipment in 2003, and has successively contacted and negotiated with foreign companies such as wert in Germany and Ishikawa in Japan. In order to master the manufacturing technology of full face TBM as soon as possible, the enterprise dispatched nearly 100 engineering and technical personnel in batches to Germany and France, such as 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 300 rpm, to study and train the technology of TBM, and obtained a full set of professional technical data and technical standards such as design, manufacturing, inspection, assembly and commissioning, which laid the foundation for the localization of shield equipment. In September, 2004, the specially invited academician workstation of the full face TBM project of North heavy industry was established, and the localization development of TBM began. In February, 2005, Shenyang wilte heavy tunnel engineering machinery complete equipment company was established. In 2006, taking advantage of the opportunity of the universal experimental machine used by Shenyang Heavy Machinery General Contractor and static test, which is different from mud water balance shield, double shield tunneling machine (designed in cooperation with foreign countries) and earth pressure balance shield, North heavy industry obtained these three types of full face tunneling machine technology. We will digest and absorb some technologies obtained from Robbins of the United States, Ishikawa island of Japan, Mitsubishi, JFE and other companies, so as to lay a foundation for re innovation and integrated innovation

in 2007, NORINCO acquired French NFM company, one of the world's three largest shield machine manufacturers. Through this acquisition, the company has possessed the core technology for the design and manufacturing of various types of shield machines, achieved a major technological breakthrough, and became the only enterprise in China with the qualification to participate in international bidding in the field of shield machines. Some commentators believe that this is a successful example of northern heavy industry in implementing the "going out" strategy

at present, NORINCO has the ability to design and manufacture shield equipment suitable for rock stratum, soft soil stratum and composite stratum, and its products have achieved many engineering achievements, such as Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong subsea tunnel, Wuhan river crossing tunnel, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang subway projects, etc

it still needs sunshine to blossom and bear fruit

-- on April 25, 2008, it was listed in the national "863" plan, and China's first composite shield machine independently developed and manufactured by China Railway Tunnel Group was offline in the shield machine industrialization base of China Railway tunnel group in Xinxiang, Henan Province. This shield machine has achieved a leap from key technology to machine manufacturing, filling the gap in domestic related fields, and is expected to break the long-standing technological monopoly of foreign enterprises in shield machine manufacturing

--- the "pioneer 19" shield machine independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry group and used in Changsha Metro Line 2 phase I project was successfully drilled on May 7, 2011. At present, China railway construction heavy industry group has provided 15 independently developed earth pressure balance shield machines for Changsha Metro Line 2 phase I project, making Changsha the first city in China to complete the construction of subway projects with domestic shield machines. It is reported that due to its quality and price advantages, shield machines designed and manufactured by the group have also been used in subway construction in Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou and other places

relevant experts pointed out that with the effective promotion of the localization of shield machines, foreign enterprises have been forced to reduce product prices by about 30%. The high price of imported products has been comprehensively curbed, and the incentive effect of the localization industrial policy has begun to appear

however, in the face of a market full of opportunities, domestic independent equipment enterprises are not always complacent. Because when foreign brands continue to destroy the city and pull out the stockade, watching has become a helpless choice for domestic enterprises more often. An enterprise personage said that at present, local enterprises have no problem in terms of production capacity, but only opportunities

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