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Schmeiser appeared in the industrial automation exhibition

from June 4 to 6, 2008, Schmeiser, the world's famous industrial switch leader, made a brilliant debut in the "12th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition". During the exhibition, in addition to its traditional products - safety door switches, magnetic switches, explosion-proof switches, pull cord switches, buttons, Shi maisai also displayed its latest products - light curtain switches, safety carpets, safety relays, as well as foot switches developed by domestic factories, door lock switches locked by electromagnetic force, and non-contact safety switches for concealed installation of packaging equipment, Safety contactless switch for cleaning of food machinery. The products are diverse, and the test results suitable for different customers can be automatically saved

the three-day automation exhibition attracted industry insiders from all over the world to observe, operate and experience. The booth received the visit and consultation of thousands of professional visitors. The wonderful on-site introduction and product display of the professional technicians of smasai left a distinct impression on the visitors, deepened the understanding of smasai industrial switches, and expanded its market influence

the quality of all products of Schmeiser, whether they are produced in China, Germany or South America, has always been floor-to-floor, which is also divided into domestic configuration and imported configuration. In order to ensure product quality, the most advanced equipment imported from Germany is currently used in the molds and processing equipment of Chinese factories. In terms of materials, all the key parts of the product are imported from the German headquarters, and the elasticity and flame retardancy of this material purchased by Schmeiser in China can be used to meet the requirements of pipeline products. Even a screw, even a part, should be sent to the headquarters for inspection to ensure the final quality of the product. Many technicians in the factory have been trained in Germany, which is very helpful to ensure the quality of products. At present, shimeisai is constantly adjusting its internal functions, increasing its efforts in technology research and development, and gradually establishing its own technology research and development platform. On the basis of adopting the core technology of the headquarters, and according to the needs of customers and markets, it designs and develops products with 2.4 sample quantities for the Chinese market and suitable for Chinese users

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