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Shimaisai first appeared in Bauma China

on November 26, 2014, shimaisai industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is mainly blue and white, made its debut in Bauma China with new products. Both the booth design and all the products displayed are made by schmeisser headquarters in Germany, which is simple and magnificent. The accompanying touch screen display allows visitors to experience the industries and occasions in which shimeisai's products are used

in this Bauma China, Shi maisai mainly introduced pull wire emergency stop switches zq700 and t3z 068 with unilateral and bilateral operation modes, and deviation switches t/m 250 and t/m 441 for heavy industry. For example, the pull wire emergency stop switch with simultaneous function of line break detection applied in belt transmission can ensure that one side of the transmission belt is 75m, Bilateral 2 "We believe that these products will help our customers meet their needs for prototype design and manufacturing using 3D printing. The 50m distance emergency disconnection function; the deviation switch applied in belt transmission is used to monitor the straight-line operation of the belt. If the belt deviates from the central position of the drive and leather pulley, the switching device will be triggered.

Schmeiser has always held the belief that it is not the cheapest opening pair Product quality, health standards, manufacturer qualifications and other issues are often asked one question and three questions are not relevant, but to do the most cost-effective switch to achieve the goal of the best quality. With the concept of safe solutions for your industry, which means to provide safety solutions for your machine, Schmeiser has always been committed to developing and manufacturing products with high-end configuration that can improve the functional safety of mechanical equipment. In order to better achieve the development goal of localization, a new factory has been expanded in Shanghai, China, to speed up localized production, increase production capacity, introduce more new products into China, and better meet the needs of Chinese customers. At the same time, the development of localization can reduce the cost and price of products and shorten the construction period. The R & D center in Shanghai is also under construction. After completion, it will be equipped with professionals to increase R & D capacity. Shi maisai is full of confidence in the future development of China's construction machinery industry, and we will continue to promote the business strategy of localized development

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