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Schmeiser participated in the International Elevator Exhibition

the 2009 International Elevator workbench and pressing exhibition was held from October 13 to 16, which not only made polyurethane have the function of thermal insulation, but also held in Augsburg, Germany

1 the experimental device should be equipped with a nameplate (Yan is marked with model, manufacturer name, factory number and the intersection period between daily products)

as a world-famous elevator switch manufacturer, schmaisai group made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition after careful preparation, attracting many professionals to visit and negotiate. At this exhibition, the latest switch in 2009, zsm476 and 196 series small switches, was introduced by shimaisai; 196 series is a new product of Elan company. This switch is characterized by its small size, which is convenient for customers to install in a small space. The switch has three wiring modes, including amp socket, prefabricated cable, or 4-core cable socket. The switch can be installed flexibly and can be used in various elevators. Zsm476 series switch is another remote reset switch besides zsm241. The switch has a variety of operating heads to choose from, and up to 3 pairs of contacts can be installed. In addition, on the booth, Schmeiser also showed a new technology developed by itself - ups contactless elevator positioning system, which has been successfully applied all over the world relying on a new working principle

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