The hottest shield machine cuts earth like shaving

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Shield machine: cutting earth is like shaving beard, opening a new chapter

shield machine: cutting earth is like shaving beard, opening a new chapter

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on June 8 last year, the first shield machine "success" of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 1 was launched at Chengyi square station, opening a new chapter in Xiamen metro tunnel excavation. At 9 a.m. on April 10, when the huge and sharp cutter head of the shield machine drilled through the last layer of cement soil, "it's through, it's through." The left line of the shield section from Chengyi square station to Guanren station (formerly Jimei central station) of Metro Line 1 is connected

"Iron Man" weighs 500 tons, is 85 meters long, and is two stories tall

worked silently underground to practice the concept of care for 10 months. The model of the subway tunnel hero - "success" shield machine finally appeared at the 2015 Xiamen industry expo on April 12. We can see that in front of the exhibition area of XCMG is the cross-sectional view of the main machine of the "success" shield machine, and the circular doors behind it form the fuselage of the success. The structure and working principle of the success are displayed in the ring door. There are also three different types of shield machines in the exhibition area, which is a process model that uses the data of one kind of mechanics with the data of electricity

"success" shield machine is an earth pressure balance shield machine with the model of cte6450 produced by Xiamen Xiagong China Railway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. The whole machine is 85 meters long, weighs 500 tons, and has an outer diameter of 6.48 meters. It is as high as two floors. The maximum propulsion speed is 80 mm/min, which is equivalent to the fastest forward excavation of 4.8 meters per hour. It can excavate 260-300 meters in a month. The tunneling speed is 3 to 10 times that of the traditional tunnel excavation process. It is a highly skilled "Iron Man"

there is a steel blade at the top, which cuts the soil like shaving

"success" is composed of the main engine, equipment bridge and six trailers with different equipment. Among them, the main machine includes cutter head, shield body, segment installer, screw conveyor and human cabin. Now, let's follow the "success" to break the hole

the front of the shield machine is a bit like a huge electric razor, but it shaves not beard, but soil. There is a steel blade at the top of it. When the shield machine drives forward, the cutter head rotates to cut the soil. The electric shaver has a special place to collect shaving slag, and the shield machine also has an earth bunker behind the cutter head to hold the cut earth. Screw conveyor and transmission belt are installed at the back of the silo to continuously transport the soil in the silo to the trailer at the back of the shield machine. The trailer will pull the soil to the construction wellhead, and then the crane above the wellhead will lift it out of the ground

how to ensure that the excavated tunnel will not collapse? It turned out that the shield machine would stop every more than one meter, and the workers would operate the assembly machine to assemble a thick steel shield shell for the shield machine, which played a role of temporary support for the tunnel. 6) the replication process would last for a period of time, which was also the origin of the name of the shield machine

it can be used for the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery, underground parking lot, etc.

in 2013, Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. jointly established Xiamen Xiamen Construction Engineering China Railway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. China Railway Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. develops and produces shield machines and pipe jacking machines to serve the subway construction and urban underground pipe construction in Fujian Province. At present, China Railway Xiamen Engineering Group and Xiamen tunnel construction department have signed 11 shield machines (sets) for Xiamen metro construction, of which 8 have been delivered for use

there are not only common circular shield machines, but also "special-shaped" shield machines, which can be used in subway projects of any width and length, are displayed in the Xiamen industrial exhibition area. In addition to playing a role in the construction of Xiamen metro, the shield machine will also contribute to the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery and underground parking lot


string nuts, cut tofu on the surface of balloons, and the big "King Kong" also does fine work

XCMG covers an area of 2000 square meters. In the exhibition area, in addition to shield machines, more than 30 products such as new loaders, excavators, pavement machines, forklifts, etc. are also on the stage. The forklift goes around the plum blossom pile with music, and the upgraded loader and excavator perform a series of wonderful skills, such as "opening beer bottles", "stringing nuts", "shoveling eggs and installing ceramic bowls in the past few years", "cutting tofu on balloon surface", "folding cans", which have greatly opened the audience's eyes and greatly praised. It is reported that XCMG will continue to develop and upgrade products, and will gradually build the core competence of "smart manufacturing" and walk out of an intelligent, scientific and sustainable development path

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