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"Dalian" shield machine is ready to go

a few days ago, at the construction site of the right line of the 07 biaoquan front shield section of Dalian Metro Line 5, Fu Zhaoxing, deputy general manager of China Railway Dalian Metro Line 5 Co., Ltd., said that just below the foot, the first shield machine of Dalian Metro has been hoisted and lowered into the shaft, and is being debugged. It will start in full swing in March this year

the construction site of the right line of the 07 biaoquan front shield section of Dalian Metro Line 5

the author sees that the large machinery of the white huge metal frame is the remaining split part of the first shield machine of Dalian Metro - "Dalian". In 2018, Dalian Metro Line 5 ushered in the "dry year of the main structure", which will complete the construction goal of an investment of 3 billion yuan, with an operating rate of 100%. The main bodies of four stations will be capped (phase I of suoyuwan south station, suoyuwan station, shanhuajie station and Zhonghua Road Station), 13 shield machines will start, and two shield sections will be connected by one line (the left line of Ganshan section and the right line of quanqian section)

Fu Zhaoxing told the author that at present, among the 25 construction sites along the line, the completion rate of enclosure is 80% and the operation rate is 68%, including Qihu section shaft, Hutan new area station, Qingyun Street station, Shikui Road station, railway station, barracuda bay south station, barracuda Bay Station, sogan open excavation section, Ganjingzi station, Shanhua Street station, Zhonghua Road station, Quanshui east station, quanqian shield launching shaft, Qianyan station, Houyan station, houguancun station The construction of 17 construction sites in Houguan village depot has been started (including open cut stations, upstream and downstream resources and risk control system accumulation; Alibaba has 11 stations, 1 underground station, 3 open cut sections, 1 underground cut section and 1 depot). The main structure of the whole line has been constructed in two shafts (Qihu section and quanqian section). At present, the performance of asphalt polyurethane waterproof coating on the market is excellent. Earth and stone excavation construction has been started in six stations and two open excavation sections (Barracuda bay south station, barracuda Bay station, Shanhua Street station, Zhonghua Road station, Quanshui east station, houguancun station, sosuo section and sogan section). The shield machine in quanqian section has been hoisted and lowered into the shaft and is being commissioned. The three construction sites of Taoyuan station, labor park station and control center are under enclosure and temporary construction. Among them, the greening transplantation of Taoyuan station and labor park station has been completed, and the pipeline relocation construction is under way. As of January 17, there were more than 1050 mobilization managers and front-line operators, and 154 large machinery. The total investment completed is 2.012 billion yuan

mayunlong, chief engineer of shield machine of lot 07 of Dalian Metro Line 5, revealed that since the total length of shield machine is 85 meters and the length of shield shaft is 45 meters, in order to save construction period, split starting method will be adopted. In this way, the construction period can be saved by more than 2 months. The use of shield machine has the advantages of safe construction, more efficient and less impact on ground settlement. It is the first time that the shield machine has been used in Dalian Metro. It is named "Dalian No.", and will officially start in March. It is expected that the first tunnel (Quanshui east station Qianfeng station) will be opened in August

the author followed Ma Yulong to the shield starting shaft in quanqian section, which is 14 meters underground. Ma Yulong pointed to the cutter head and No. 1 trolley, which are 11 meters below him, and told the author that from April to the end of December 2019, the "Dalian" had completed the construction, assembly, acceptance and well lowering. At present, the "Dalian" is being assembled and debugged, and the tunneling operation is expected to be carried out in March

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