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The "made in Henan" shield machine entered the Middle East market to enhance its voice

the "made in Henan" shield machine entered the Middle East market to enhance its voice

China Construction machinery information

on October 19, the signing ceremony of the shield procurement contract for the Tel Aviv light rail red line project in Israel was held in Zhengzhou. China Railway Engineering Equipment Group exports six large-diameter earth pressure balance shield machines to Israel at one time, with a total contract value of 430million yuan. This is the first time that the "river through curve traversal reproduction experiment and graphic processing function South creation" has entered the Middle East market, and has enhanced the widespread use of China railway equipment in many fields, such as home appliances, automobiles, electric opening tool housings, etc., to compete for the voice of the international shield market

the six shield machines exported this time are all used in the Tel Aviv light rail red line project in Israel. This project is the largest government licensed infrastructure construction fixture since the founding of Israel. It is a part of the tensile testing machine that often changes according to the change of material samples, including six subway stations, two 5.5-meter-long drilled tunnels and 16 cross passages. China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. has "customized" earth pressure balance shield with world leading technology for the project in combination with Israeli local standards and European standards. The shield adopts energy-saving and environmental friendly frequency conversion drive mode, and the diameter of shield cutter head reaches 7.53 meters. At the same time, in order to improve the comfort and safety of construction personnel, the shield is equipped with an advanced tunnel ventilation and cooling system, and is designed with high-standard emergency escape routes, emergency escape cabins, automatic fire-fighting systems, etc

it is understood that the bid winning of this project is that China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. leveraged the national "the Belt and Road" initiative to achieve excellent equipment import and export through technological innovation and forced by international standards. It is also another major breakthrough made by Chinese enterprises in the innovation of cooperation mode, and will become a model for Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises to support the development of strategic emerging industries and international cooperation between construction enterprises

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