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Schmeiser SRB 301 Ma was shortlisted as "the most competitive innovative product in China's automation field in 2010"

recently, the world-renowned industrial development company currently has a low recycling rate of waste plastics in China, and the German manufacturer SRB 301 Ma under Schmeiser was shortlisted as the most competitive innovative product in China's automation field in 2010. This is an economical safety relay module, which can prevent the accidental start of the machine, especially suitable for some occasions where the manual start failure is easy to cause accidents, so as to realize the protection of people and machines

this product has the following features:

1, manually start the monitoring function to detect the short circuit fault of the starting circuit

2, the mechanical operation can reach 10million times, and the service life is 20 years

3, including electronic insurance, which can effectively prevent wiring short circuit

4, it can monitor emergency stop, safety protection door, safety grating, etc

5, single channel, double channel free choice

6, reaching the highest control level cc4/ple, conforming to EN ISO and IEC 61508 standard sil3

7, wide ambient temperature range, -25 ℃ --+60 ℃, small size, light weight, meet many occasions

8, guide rail portable installation

safety relay is the core component of the safety function of the most common machine equipment in the market at present, which provides a convenient and reliable design method for machine safety designers to achieve the predetermined safety level of machine safety function. In the field of machine functional safety, the safety relay module enters the experimental state as a safety monitor, which can realize the control of safety inputs, such as safety emergency stop and safety output, such as contactors. (if the manuscript is not canceled or the rectification is completed within the time limit: shimaisai industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. still uses a large number of product manager Wang tingqi in the finished product inspection and the material index test of sheet 1)

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