The hottest adhesive manufacturer in 2004

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In 2004, the adhesive manufacturers were in deep trouble.

for the traditional ink and adhesive manufacturers, 2004 can only be described as in deep trouble. This naturally means that the price of productive raw materials has risen sharply due to the rise in oil prices. Compared with the same period in 2003, ethyl acetate, adipic acid and MDL increased by 91%, 32% and 160% respectively in October 2004. The total cost of adhesives increased by more than 6000 yuan per item on average. Such a large and extensive increase in the price of raw materials makes the adhesive and ink enterprises no longer talk about profits, but about how to survive. The price increase finally made the industry see clearly the huge price difference between water and ethyl ester, which made the flexible packaging enterprises quickly change and accept or even actively cooperate with the research on the application technology of water-based environmental protection adhesive. This is also an opportunity for adhesive enterprises. The increase in new energy, intelligence and lightweight has become the recognized development direction of the future automotive industry, which has shortened the promotion time of water-based environmental protection adhesives. 2005 will be a year in which water-based adhesives will be truly accepted by the market, which will change the pattern of China's packaging market and make relevant enterprises develop in the direction of green environmental protection. The development of water-based adhesives is imminent. Leading domestic adhesive enterprises such as Beijing GAOMENG company will also go deep into this field and compete with international enterprises such as Rohm & Haas company in the field of water-based environmental friendly adhesives. Sikebay's market expansion in cigarette packets with water-based ink was a highlight in 2004. It is worth thinking about by ink manufacturers. However, due to the cost and applicability, it will not become the mainstream application in China for a long time. In addition, in 2004, some ink manufacturers with strong technical strength began to study the hybrid polymer technology of polypropylene polyurethane. This is an improvement in concept, which is of great significance to the balance between the performance and price of the original ink. They also pay more and more attention to the environmental correspondence led by the low VOC of flexible packaging material ink as an opportunity to promote the progress of polymer technology

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