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Insisting on innovation, leading and consolidating the platform construction, Qingshen County of Meishan city promotes the high-quality development of machinery industry. International Sichuan news: Qingshen County of Meishan city is one of the top 100 counties in the national machinery industry cluster. At present, there are more than 100 machinery enterprises. In 2017, the output value was about 4billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the industrial output value of the whole county, and the tax contribution rate was 45%. However, more than 50 small and micro machinery supporting enterprises in the county are scattered in various towns and urban planning areas. In the treatment of a series of new materials, such as high-performance carbon fiber, high-end industrial ceramics, lithium battery diaphragm, etc., developed by environmental protection inspectors and scattered pollution enterprises, they have been shut down for remediation

since 2017, Qingshen has practically changed its development concept, taking environmental protection supervision and the management of scattered pollution enterprises as important opportunities for the comprehensive improvement of quality and efficiency in the machinery industry. Guided by high-quality and high-efficiency projects, and in accordance with the principle of linked development of chain development, it has introduced the Lixing machinery industry Incubation Park project to create a development platform for small and micro tensile machinery enterprises with a force resolution of nearly 100000, and implemented unified planning, construction Unified investment invitation and operation have successfully solved the development problems of local small and micro machinery enterprises. At the same time, it has undertaken the transfer of machinery enterprises from Chengdu and other real estate industries, and has successfully embarked on a high-quality development path of the machinery industry featuring enterprise concentration, industry concentration, resource intensification and service innovation

settled in the Incubation Park with a complete industrial chain to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency

recently, in the Lixing industrial Incubation Park in Qingshen County Industrial Development Zone, the factory buildings are neat and uniform, and the Incubation Park has complete infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity and networks. Inside the plant, all floors are subject to strict environmental protection, and enterprises can carry bags to settle in

after settling in the park, we have really become bigger and stronger. Gaozongji, head of Jisheng machinery in Qingshen County, introduced that Jisheng machinery is currently established by five small and micro machinery enterprises in Qingshen. Before settling in the Incubation Park, the five enterprises worked independently. The production sites and environmental protection facilities were very simple, and they were shut down and rectified by environmental inspectors

if we want to build a new plant, site selection, land acquisition and construction, we have to pass various approvals. It will take a long time, and the huge amount of funds will also put us under great pressure. Gaozongji frankly said that after the original factory was shut down, he wanted to start a new business and lacked funds, so he stopped working. However, dozens of workers still needed employment to support their families. At a time when they were struggling, the operation of the Incubation Park project opened a window for them. The park has uniformly built plants in accordance with environmental protection requirements, and there are all kinds of production factors such as water, electricity and so on. After entering the park and completing the relevant EIA approval, we can start production. The production cycle is greatly shortened. At the same time, it also saves us a lot of costs. According to gaozongji, the company occupies more than 1000 square meters of factory space in the park, and its products are exported to Germany and other European countries. According to the order plan, the annual output value in 2018 will double that of previous years

Xingshun Alloy Technology Co., Ltd., which is also in Lixing Incubation Park, has completed the equipment installation and is in the process of commissioning before production. Lihuanjun, the head of the company, couldn't hide his joy in his busy life. Lihuanjun said that the company mainly produces military accessories. In the past, due to the lack of industrial chain support in Chengdu, the products need to be transported to Mianyang for heat treatment process, and then transported back. The freight of this item alone is a large expenditure every year. Now, the park has introduced enterprises with phosphating, blackening, quenching and other heat treatment processes, and the mechanical processing industry chain is gradually improved. His enterprise is only hundreds of meters away from the heat treatment enterprise, and can be completed by forklift or trailer. This has greatly saved costs. Therefore, the production scale of the company has been expanded by four times

Jisheng machinery and Xingshun Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. are typical examples of Qingshen local enterprises and Chengdu enterprises settling in the Incubation Park and achieving transformation and quality improvement. In the face of environmental protection supervision and management of scattered pollution enterprises, more than 50 small machinery supporting enterprises in Qingshen county were shut down for renovation. In order to do a good job in the relocation of small scattered waste enterprises and use them for the experimental manufacturing, transformation and upgrading of static load twists, horizontal grain stretching, contraction and splitting of wood, and to make up for the lack of stamina in the development of Qingshen county's machinery industry, Qingshen County launched Qingshen (Lixing) high end machinery manufacturing industrial park project. The project was signed in August 2017, covering an area of 500 mu, with a total investment of 1billion yuan. The construction of 18000 square meters of standard plant and supporting houses in the first bid section of phase I of the project was started in October 2017 and completed in May 2018

it is understood that the project will focus on the construction of public facilities such as office, power, gas, water supply and drainage, and provide supporting services such as optimal storage, custody and unified transfer of hazardous wastes, saving more than 300000 yuan for each enterprise at one time. At the same time, the county has also made every effort to improve the financial and living facilities so that enterprises can settle in. The park has realized the centralized development of industrial agglomeration enterprises in accordance with the principle of chain development and related development. At present, the settlement of more than 40 enterprises has supplemented and improved the missing and weak links in the machinery industry chain, such as forging, heat treatment, cutting tools, cutting tools, packaging, etc., realized the development of industrial chain extension and chain supplement, enhanced the mutual supporting capacity of the machinery industry, concentrated development of enterprises, matching and cooperating nearby, and saved about 1.1 million yuan in annual transfer fees

adhere to the advantage of innovation leading platform to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

in just one year, we have completed the process from contract signing to project approval and then to completion and production. The smooth and efficient advancement of the project is inseparable from innovation

try first, establish a project construction tolerance mechanism, and jointly approve to effectively shorten the approval time. At the same time, the project also innovates the industrial land division and certification mechanism. After the enterprises in the park meet the input and output assessment conditions, they are allowed to apply for the real estate registration certificate through joint bidding and co ownership by shares, which is the first case of industrial land division in Sichuan Province. In addition, the project establishes an enterprise escrow mechanism. Explore the mode of enterprise centralization + management centralization + development centralization + supporting centralization. Lixing company implements daily centralized service management for enterprises settled in the Incubation Park, and functional departments implement industry supervision

at the same time of mechanism innovation, service innovation and policy guarantee also provide a strong escort for project development. It is reported that the county implements a one-to-one contact service and enterprise service day system to provide one-to-one assistance to enterprises in the park. The smooth progress of the Incubation Park project makes its advantages manifest. First of all, the Incubation Park has met the development needs of local enterprises. More than 20 local machine processing supporting enterprises of Qingshen have moved into the park, which has solved the difficulties of small enterprises' entry and development, and realized the development of small enterprises and complementary advantages. At the same time, it has undertaken a number of high-quality industrial projects. Focusing on the investment promotion of chain mending, chain extension and chain strengthening, the incubator has introduced 26 machinery related enterprises such as new exhibition machinery, Zhenzhong bearings and Hongmu CNC cutting tools from Chengdu and other places, with a total agreed investment of 300million yuan. After completion, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 400million yuan, tax revenue of 10million yuan and provide 700 jobs. It not only realizes the centralized development of industrial agglomeration enterprises, but also realizes the economical and intensive utilization of resources. The incubator adopts a combination of standard customization and personalized customization, which saves more than 30% of the enterprise's production space and more than 45% of the land. The enterprise implements the unified management of property, logistics and catering groups, which saves about 200000 yuan for the enterprise

the investment projects have been put into operation rapidly. Light assets, light investment, fast completion and fast production have become the trend of project investment attraction. The projects settled in the Incubation Park can carry out the construction of production lines only after obtaining the approval of project environmental impact assessment, which reduces the approval procedures for water and soil conservation, fire protection, meteorology, plant design and drawing review. The project only takes 4 months from signing to production, saving 8 months of construction time

high availability Xiaowei, Secretary of Qingshen county Party committee, said that the construction of Incubation Park to promote the development of machinery industry is a microcosm and typical example of the county to promote high-quality economic and social development. In the future, Qingshen county will unswervingly follow the road of open development, ecological development and characteristic development in accordance with the development strategy of "one belt, one district and one area", integrate into Chengdu, open the whole area, optimize and strengthen the three characteristic industries of machinery, bamboo weaving and Ponkan, and promote the high-quality development of the three characteristic industries. (Wen fangqin, Li Yongjun, songmeizhi)

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