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Activate the "innovative DNA" of shield business: from "one-man show" to "Symphony"

activate the "innovative DNA" of shield business: from "one-man show" to "Symphony"

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on October 26, in Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, the Qingyun River pipe jacking project of Anda crude oil pipeline is under construction, which is the second muddy water pressure balanced pipe jacking project undertaken by the Pipeline Bureau in China. So far, the shield machine known as the river crossing dragon by the pipeline has tunnelled more than 24000 meters in total. Looking back on the progress of the shield workers of the Pipeline Bureau in driving Jianglong, we can have a deeper understanding of the truth that technology can be introduced, but technical capabilities cannot be introduced. Only by steadily digesting, absorbing and innovating can we occupy a place in the shield trenchless market at home and abroad

early diagnosis and treatment of "foreign shield" acclimatization in 2002, in order to adjust the industrial structure and achieve leapfrog development, the pipeline bureau decided to introduce shield construction technology from Germany and entrusted this task to the fourth pipeline company

after the shield machine started tunneling, several college students led by liuguangren, with the advantage of being proficient in English, followed "foreign experts" all over the construction site during the day to coordinate the shield construction and tunneling; In the evening, take the English materials copied from the "foreign experts" and study in depth according to the shield machine drawings

on November 10, 2003, when the shield machine reached 838m, it encountered pebble layer, and the cutter head was stuck by pebbles for 38 days. In those days, with the high frequency of entering and leaving the cabin, everyone's physical and psychological endurance reached the limit. An authoritative person of the Yangtze River Design Institute shook his head and said, "if you can get through the tunnel with such complex geological conditions, it will be a miracle."

on december9,2003, when the technicians asked Keith, a shield expert invited by German Herrick company, what to do, Keith, who had always been gentle, shook his head helplessly, and his tone changed: "I am mainly technical guidance, and you have to take the scheme." All the people present were stunned: even the foreigner had no idea

in the face of challenges, shield workers always believe in "overcoming difficulties and winning battles". What can we rely on to overcome difficulties? Rely on technology and innovation

the shield workers used their own advantages of equipment, configured more than 100 kinds of slurry ratios, controlled the amount of slag by using fillers, reduced collapse, and fought in the high-pressure chamber for many days. Finally, they overcame problems that could not be solved by German experts, and made this "foreign shield" completely adapt to the Chinese environment

On april20,2004, Yichang Yangtze River Shield Tunnel with a total length of 1400m was successfully completed. Shield technology was successfully applied to pipeline construction, creating the brand of "the first shield of PetroChina"

breaking through the blockade, the "foreign shield" was installed with the "China core"

2005. The shield machine, which undertook the first engineering tunneling, will go to Huangshi, Hubei for "service". However, due to different geological conditions, this shield machine needs to be adapted. However, all equipment accessories are imported goods, which are not available in China. The import cycle is about 6 months. For the sake of technical confidentiality, the German company only gave an instruction manual. All accessories are a series of digital order numbers, and there are no detailed parameters at all

foreign companies charge exorbitant prices, and the cost of shield machine cutter head transformation alone is as high as ten million. "The situation that 'foreign experts' lead the way,' foreign accessories' dominate the world, and shield construction is controlled by others must be changed." Project Manager lishengxin said firmly

localization transformation, this bold idea was deeply impressed in the hearts of shield workers for the first time. They first started with shield cutters, customized them in China and passed the "destructive" test. In the Huangshi Yangtze River Shield Project, they first installed two domestic cutters and carried out 100 meter trial tunneling. After entering the cabin and checking, the staff found that the wear of domestic cutters was less than that of imported cutters, and the "zero" breakthrough was achieved in the research on localization of cutters

with the innovative spirit of forging ahead bravely, the shield workers of the pipeline bureau have overcome the problem of repairing the large cutterhead with a maximum wear of 60mm by entering the cabin under pressure in the Guangdong LNG Pearl River Shield, the Yangtze River Shield for Sichuan East gas transmission project, the well cover pressure fatigue test machine with a simple, reliable and powerful man-machine interface structure, and the Yangtze River Shield Project of Jinling Petrochemical, and replaced the main bearing seal of the cutterhead in the pebble layer under pressure for the first time Technical problems such as shield tunneling under ultra-high water pressure of 0.65 MPa have created two records in terms of the length of pebble bed tunneling in domestic tunnels and the cumulative tunneling of 320 meters in a single month in domestic small shield mudstones. The accessories such as shield machine tools, hydraulics and electrical appliances have been localized, and the imported "foreign shield" has been equipped with a strong "Chinese core"

adhering to innovation "grassroots" can also become "stars"

after entering 2009, the shield project of the pipeline bureau has entered a new stage of "leapfrog development" from digestion and absorption and technical breakthrough. The staff launched technical research around how to reduce construction time, speed up construction progress, save costs and improve construction safety performance. They went to the site, checked data, conducted experiments and analysis, and their enthusiasm for innovation and efficiency continued to rise

"it's not the same as before." Changxiping, head of shield business, said, "reform and innovation is an old tradition in shield projects, but in the past, it was mainly led by management and technical personnel, which basically belongs to self pulling and self singing. Now, it is the project leader who takes the lead in person, and all the staff play 'Symphony' together. As long as there are good ideas, 'grassroots' can also become' stars'."

in shield projects, innovation due to demand is everywhere

since I didn't even know what questions were raised during the first machine purchase negotiation, now I have 126 achievements in construction methods, topics, technological innovation, patents and so on. Weii, a grass-roots masses, reported more than 400 sexual technological innovations in the first three quarters of 2014. After the on-site observation, the after-sales personnel of heirick company, a shield machine manufacturer, called it "incredible"

when the Germans sold them their first machine, they said that the equipment would be abandoned if you crossed two rivers

as a result, when the equipment successfully crossed the sixth River and still had no problems, the Germans were surprised: "what a surprise! How did you do it?"

the shield man answered: keep innovating. While convincing "foreign experts" in technology, it also stimulated new thinking of CNPC shield workers. They should follow a path of equipment development with Chinese characteristics, turn more technological innovations into patents in accordance with the "1015" plan, better serve the construction of national oil and gas strategic channels, and promote the sound and rapid development of national economy and society

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