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Adhering to the original intention of service, Jietong Huasheng uses AI to boost the quality and efficiency of the financial industry

now all industries are facing a slowdown in the growth of new customers, which is particularly evident in the financial industry with relatively fixed consumer groups. Improving the value of existing customers through optimizing customer experience has become a common topic in the financial industry. High quality customer experience can even bring new growth breakthroughs for enterprises

the customer service center, as a direct contact between financial institutions and customers, is a bridge and link to serve, contact and maintain customers. However, the traditional manual customer service has been weak in improving service quality, innovating service methods and enriching service channels, and can not carry the customer service work with huge volume and increasingly personalized customer needs

① from the internal point of view, most of the customer service work belongs to mechanical repetitive labor. Boring work leads to a large number of personnel loss, and the enterprise bears the dual pressure of recruitment and employee training

② from the perspective of customers, the long waiting time for answering and the manual seats with mixed service attitude have damaged customers' trust in financial companies

③ from the perspective of business, the traditional manual service mode not only has low work efficiency, but also leads to the massive data in the customer service scenario can not be effectively used. These data contain important information such as customer identity information, service complaints and business consulting. They are important references for enterprises to optimize service quality, improve operation efficiency, and make marketing decisions and product service design

Lingyun aicc:

empowering finance with AI to improve service quality and efficiency

China Banking Association released the China banking customer service center and remote banking development report (2018), which showed that in 2018, the utilization rate of intelligent technology in banking customer service centers reached 69%. Through AI empowerment, more banking institutions are actively engaging customers with intelligent, refined business operations and light-duty business methods

the smart cloud AICC full intelligent customer service solution launched by Jietong Huasheng, through the use of core artificial intelligence technologies based on industry-leading speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, big data analysis, etc., is deeply integrated with the business lines of the customer service center to comprehensively optimize the customer service experience. At present, Lingyun AICC has successfully served hundreds of financial institutions such as Bank of China, Bank of communications, Huaxia Bank, Everbright Bank, Minsheng Bank, etc., helping them to create worry free, labor-saving and money-saving intelligent customer service, and empowering the financial industry with high-quality standards

a. Lingyun intelligent customer service

multi-channel independent Q & A, understand the user's questions

support, page App and other multi-channel

business consultation/handling

users can ask questions freely in oral expression

the system can give relevant questions and options

when answering questions about food contact materials called "food related products" in the national food safety standards

it can automatically give related questions and recommendations

intelligent error correction so that wrong words can also be recognized

after a bank is equipped with the Lingyun intelligent customer service system, 80% of the basic problems have been effectively solved. The customer service staff were freed from the mire of constantly replying to repetitive simple questions, focusing on fuzzy and complex problems or problems beyond the authority of the robot. The service efficiency and the satisfaction of the user's leaf spring support method with lifting lugs such as 1 were significantly improved

b. Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

intelligent voice interaction, one language direct service

skip cumbersome buttons

directly say what to query and handle

the system automatically jumps to the business node

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation helps enterprises cross the cumbersome button pressing process and allow users to reach the business node through voice interaction. At the same time, by adding a lot of business consulting knowledge, most users can solve problems in the intelligent voice navigation layer, effectively reducing the transfer to manual services. According to the third-party data, the self-service voice service volume of banking customer service centers in 2018 was 2.188 billion, accounting for 67% of self-service voice services. 41% of customer service centers chose to use intelligent voice navigation to simplify customer operations and improve service efficiency

c. Lingyun intelligent voice outbound calls

tasks are completed in batches, efficient and convenient

support massive call tasks

(return visit, collection, marketing)

automatic classification of call results

facilitate business personnel to follow up

a credit company used to face complaints from collectors who falsely called public security and threatened, abused, ridiculed and other illegal collection behaviors, and the labor cost also continued to rise. The intelligent outbound call robot carried by Jietong Huasheng for customers can avoid risks by designing compliance scripts and achieve compliance, fast and batch collection of outbound calls. The 100 route outbound call robot has an efficiency equivalent to 300 manual seats, saves an average of less than 25.2 million yuan in labor costs and reduces noise pollution every year, with a cumulative recovery amount of nearly 2billion yuan

d. Lingyun intelligent voice analysis

voice quality inspection and voice assistance to improve efficiency

100% comprehensive quality inspection

supervision agent service

real time voice support

improving customer service quality

big data analysis

(business hot spots, user portraits, public opinion analysis)

after a bank credit card center was equipped with Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system, it transcribed the full volume of calls into words and automatically scored them with rules, The quality inspection coverage has been increased from 3% to 100%, and the service quality and customer satisfaction have been effectively improved. At the same time, the customer service big data is mined and analyzed to provide data support for enterprises in terms of reducing customer complaint rate, improving service and marketing skills, and capturing market opportunities, so as to help enterprises understand customers and markets more comprehensively and improve the overall marketing ability

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