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[home decoration network] the main reason for home decoration quality problems is that the construction technology is not standardized. Decoration is in progress, and quality is the key moment. Here are some common non-standard construction projects and prevention skills that should be mastered for your reference when decorating your own house

I. waterproof series: people often say: “ It was because the home decoration company damaged the waterproof layer of the bathroom when decorating their home that the ceiling of the bathroom of the next floor household leaked. In fact, to be honest, there are many reasons for the damage of the waterproof layer during construction, so it can't be said that the home decoration company is guilty. The real sin is that the waterproof behind is not done well. So how can we make the waterproof layer well

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1. Be sure to clean the base course to be waterproof and try to keep the surface dry

2. Carry out construction according to the process requirements of waterproof materials. It should be noted here that the leakage parts of the toilet are mainly at the root of the upper and lower water pipes and the foot of the wall, so these places must be made waterproof “ When you are full, you can actually hook it with your fingers. It should also be noted that the waterproof should be no less than 25 cm from the bottom of the wall

3. If one wall of the bathroom is a light wall, the whole wall needs to be waterproof

4. After the waterproof material is completely dry, a 24-hour closed water test is required to observe whether there is still water leakage. Generally, water leakage will not occur in this way

II. Plumbing series: you may find “ Water related quality problems. For example, the water pipe leaks, the washbasin and vegetable sink return peculiar smell, the shower in the bathtub has small water flow, and the sanitary ware is inconvenient to use, etc. What is its root cause

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1. Water pipe leakage: assuming that there is no quality problem in the water pipe and fittings, we will introduce the causes of water leakage in cold water pipe and hot water pipe respectively

a. the leakage of cold water pipe is generally easy to understand, that is, the sealing of water pipe and pipe fitting is not done well

b. In addition to the poor sealing of the hot water pipe, there may be improper selection of sealing materials

2. Reasons for small water flow: during plumbing construction, in order to connect the whole line, thread the sawn water pipe. If the thread is too long, and the water pipe is screwed into the pipe fitting (such as elbow) too deep during connection, the water flow section will become smaller and the water flow will be smaller

3. Hose burst. Serpentine hose is mostly used to connect the main pipe to the sanitary ware. If the hose is of poor quality or the plumber tightens the hose during installation, it is easy to cause stress concentration, and the hose will burst in a short time in the future

4. The toilet overflows when flushing. The reason is that when installing the toilet, the groove of the base is not sealed with oil putty, and sewage will overflow from the gap between the base and the ground when flushing

5. The water in the washbasin returns peculiar smell. The toilet and washbasin after decoration return peculiar smell. In the toilet after decoration, the position of the basin often moves to the wrong place with the sewer inlet, and the sewer pipe when buying the basin is often difficult to use directly. In order to save trouble, the installation workers like to use the downpipe of the washing machine as the sink for drainage, but generally do not make an S-bend, resulting in the direct connection between the sink and the sewer pipe, and the odor will return from the sewer

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