Where are the high-quality aluminum alloy doors an

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Where are the high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows

the market price of aluminum alloy doors and windows varies greatly

take the 55 type aluminum alloy door for example. The cheap one is only 300 to 400 square meters, while the expensive one is 700 to 800 square meters, or even more than 1000 square meters

from the appearance, there is no difference between them. Where is the difference

first, profile

1, 55 broken bridge profile as an example

the thickness on the market now ranges from 1.2mm to 1.8mm mm. Only a 6-meter-long profile has a price difference of as much as 60.70 yuan just because of its thickness. Schneiman doors and windows are made of high-quality silicon magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, and recycled aluminum is rejected

2. The difference between large factories and small factories:

due to equipment and process reasons, the processing cost per ton of profiles produced by small workshops is between 2000 and 3000, while the processing cost per ton of large factories is between 5000 and 6000 yuan, which is also a big difference

II. Insulating glass

1. High chemical glass

55 aluminum alloy matching insulating glass can be divided into non tempered hollow, single-sided tempered hollow and double-sided tempered hollow. The non tempered hollow is about 70 yuan per square meter, while the double-sided tempered hollow is more than 100 yuan per square meter

2. Hollow spacing

there are three specifications of insulating glass that can be assembled with 55 type aluminum alloy, which are 5+6a+5, 5+9a+5, and 5+12a+5. Among these three specifications, 5+6a+5 has the worst sound insulation performance, and 5+12a+5 has the best sound insulation performance. Their price difference is between 25 and 30 yuan per square meter

III. insulation strips

ordinary PVC insulation strips are generally about 6000 to 7000 tons, while nylon 66 insulation strips are as high as 28000 yuan per ton. Go and calculate the price difference between them

IV. hardware

take a set of inside open inverted hardware for example. In the market with low price, it can only sell for less than 100 yuan, while a set with good quality can reach twoorthree yuan, especially for imported brands, it can reach fourorfive yuan. The difference is four to five times. Schneiman doors and windows adopt hardware fittings imported from the United States, and the quality and cost are far more than ordinary products

v. glass glue

when installing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, some people use two or three yuan of sealant for caulking in order to save money, while others use structural glue on the outer wall in order to meet the quality requirements, each of which reaches more than 18 yuan. For consumers, do you want to use two or three yuan of sealant in order to save money? Or use structural adhesives with better quality for the sake of quality

VI. a complete set of production equipment in the process

small workshop costs 70000 to 80000 yuan; The investment of only one high-precision double head saw for sieneman doors and windows is 60000 to 70000. This investment is not only due to the strength of sieneman doors and windows, but also because their cutting accuracy is indeed not at the same level

VII. Equipment

this is just a comparison of one equipment. There are several other kinds of equipment! Therefore, generally, the investment of large factories is large, and the investment of small workshops is small! Who do you say is of good quality? High accuracy? In order to produce good products with standard quality, the hardware investment must first meet the standard. Only when the hardware meets the standard can we produce products with standard quality, and the cost is undoubtedly higher

VIII. Window shape

in fact, the production costs of different window types are also very different. For example, the cost difference between opening a movable window per square meter and opening only one movable window per five square meters is several times as much

there are many factors that affect the cost of doors and windows,

we won't be wordy here one by one

some people say that the market is chaotic, but the old saying goes well, you get what you pay for, and there are hundreds of customers in department stores

in fact, there is a comparison between buying door and window products and the current auto market: you can also buy a QQ car for 20000 or 30000 yuan, but it has fewer functions, less space, shorter service life and slower running; And if you spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to buy a Mercedes Benz BMW, it only has more functions, stronger power, higher safety factor and more luxurious interior. Whether you buy QQ or BMW depends on your family conditions and actual use

therefore, buying door and window products also depends on your family conditions. If you are willing to solve the problem at one time, you can buy schneiman doors and windows. The price is higher, but there is no worry about solving the problem at one time. If conditions do not permit, you can use products with lower prices, and wait until conditions permit in the future, and then trade for products with good quality. This is also an expedient





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