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"398 all inclusive decoration, home appliances and televisions", "decoration company at the end of the year, 20% off all take home" Walking on the streets of Wuhan, I often see such leaflet advertisements. So is the decoration company found by such a small advertisement reliable

a few days ago, Mr. Liu planned to decorate the second-hand house he just bought. After comparing the prices from the small advertisements on the street, he chose the one with moderate charges“ × Acting design decoration company ". After contact, the other party presented Mr. Liu with the budget table of the project cost, which requires a total of 12000 yuan for 16 projects, such as wall painting, flooring and reinstallation of water and electricity. Both parties agreed in the contract that 4000 yuan will be paid after the materials enter the site, 4000 yuan will be paid after the floor is paved, and the balance will be paid after the kitchen is completed

after the decoration started, I found something wrong with the decoration team. "At the beginning, it was agreed that three workers would enter the site. As a result, one person came every day. He said that one day, three days is three?" Hearing this answer, Mr. Liu was stunned. Next, Mr. Liu asked to eradicate the termite eggs on the wall, but the other party didn't ask. He didn't deal with them until the floor was paved. Instead, he asked for the decoration money of the second phase, and an extra 2000 yuan

"if the decoration progress fails to meet the requirements of the contract, I will not give money, nor will I give more money." Mr. Liu is very angry, and the other party also deadlocked on not starting work, making the new home "uncompleted", so that the construction is about to end. However, the settlement sheet given by the decoration company is amazing. The total budget quotation is only 12000 yuan, less than half of which is carried out, but it costs more than 20000 yuan. "No one can touch the decoration site until the money is settled", Mr. Liu had to call the police





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