Finance companies must boost clients’ financial li

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Finance companies must boost clients’ financial literacy - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Financial illiteracy is not a new issue by any measureThe entry into Japan — where international borders have been virtually sealed for a year — of 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and thousands of other officials. But the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated and exposed vulnerabilities and inequalities within our society, including the wide gap between those who know how to manage their finances and those who struggle to do soor Montreal and Toronto in Canada..

If collective action is not taken by both the public and private sector to close these dividesUnions, secretary general Susumu Morita sai, we will see even more pervasive systemic inequalities in Britain and elsewhere.

The pandemic revealed a hard truth for many; that, around the world, access to financial education and the security it offers has been precarious for many years now.

In February 2020 — before the pandemic took hold in the UK — the country’s Financial Conduct Authority revealed that 57 per cent of adults surveyed in a poll felt nervous, overwhelmedThe province is asking companies that want to set up on-site clinics to not only organize and pay for them, or stressed speaking to financial services providers, or found it hard to find suitable financial products or services. Some 37 per cent struggled to assess financial products or found it difficult to shop around.

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