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Beijing, China, June 18, 2020. In 2020, with the strengthening of new infrastructure construction, it has become a national strategy, In the context of digitalization, the digitalization transformation of enterprises begins to enter a comprehensive acceleration period. On June 17, the cloud conference entitled "new blue ocean in the digital era driven by services" interacted with the audience online. Chen Weiwei, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of service business in China, Wang Ping, chairman of shentie Information Engineering Co., Ltd., Zheng Wenming, deputy general manager of Jinmao (Shanghai) Property Service Co., Ltd., and Wu Xiaobo, director of the Department of Social Sciences of Zhejiang University, gathered on the cloud to jointly interpret Explore the role and value of professional services in enterprise digital transformation

chenweiwei, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of service business in China

leveraging service transformation has become an industry trend

at present, more and more enterprises have achieved success in digital transformation with the help of services, and the industry has increasingly recognized service institutions. According to the white paper released in April by IDC, an international data company, 89% of enterprises said that services had a positive impact and helped to achieve the goal, and 40% of companies recognized the value of services in improving the quality and efficiency of their products. For the development of service business, Wu Xiaobo believes that in the context of digitalization, service business has been given more cores and generated more possibilities: in the past, when talking about industrial value chain and connecting upstream and downstream, enterprises only need to do their own work, but now it is the value network. Enterprises should not only do their own work, but also provide comprehensive and accurate services

Wu Xiaobo believes that the involvement of professional service institutions is very important in this process. It is far from enough to rely on one side for change. It requires internal and external cooperation, so as to enter a new system of CO creation, co construction, sharing and win-win results. Wu Xiaobo said that enterprises need to be liberated from a closed single system in order to create value with more partners, which is also seen by more and more enterprise leaders. Therefore, the accelerated development of the digital service market has become a trend, and is moving towards the next management stage: in this stage, service institutions will increase technical investment and adjust their processes to achieve remote monitoring, management and maintenance. As enterprise managers, only by changing their thinking as soon as possible and taking advantage of services, can they complete the digital transformation as soon as possible and maintain the competitiveness of enterprises

help enterprises clarify the points and aspects on the road of transformation

as a leading enterprise in the field of high-speed rail and commercial construction, shentie Information Engineering Co., Ltd. and Jinmao (Shanghai) Property Service Co., Ltd. have made an early attempt and exploration of digital transformation. For example, with the efforts of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, the informatization and intelligent management system of passenger transport equipment and facilities has gradually taken shape, initially realizing the visual monitoring of equipment operation status, early warning and alarm of equipment failure, digital management of equipment maintenance and repair, etc; Similarly, by adding monitoring functions to the distribution system, Shanghai Jinmao building is also moving towards intelligent buildings step by step

many enterprises want to connect some basic facilities and equipment, further informatization and intellectualization, so as to optimize management and provide support for decision-making, but the difficulty is that many previous informatization work is relatively independent, lacking effective horizontal or vertical connection. When talking about Jinmao's experience in digital transformation, Zheng Wenming said that in the process of digital transformation, we should have an overall awareness, not just partial transformation, and use services to connect talents and suitable technical means that can be tested through tensile experiments

as the pioneer of digital transformation in the field of high-speed rail, Wang Ping said that like other enterprises, shentie information also had confusion during the transformation: originally, some reform measures to adapt to the transformation actually stayed on the surface, but under the current situation, we urgently need to be able to obtain methods and measures that can be implemented with reasonable investment. Therefore, with the support of service institutions, shentie information began to reorganize its own digital process. Thanks to the valuable opinions and measures provided by Schneider Electric in the transformation of distribution equipment and the operation improvement of large energy consuming equipment, railway application information has produced good economic and social benefits in the effect of equipment operation and maintenance and the accurate prediction and monitoring of equipment status. The reason why enterprises are in trouble in the digital transformation is that they are only in this mountain, and the cloud is deep and unknown. If professional service enterprises can provide a panoramic view of enterprise digital transformation and a clear transformation path to help enterprises see their own positioning, many problems can be avoided

improve business toughness and efficiency with customized services throughout the life cycle

on the enterprise side, we should not only see the future benefits of digital transformation, but also understand the challenges and risks that will be faced in the process of transferring a batch of leading enterprises and leading talents to continue to grow. According to IDC's research data, although about 75% of enterprises have started digital transformation, only 25% of enterprises have reached a relatively mature level. Too many enterprises fail in transformation due to insufficient preparation or neglect of potential risks, which is not only an extraordinary loss of manpower and capital with their own characteristics and practical conditions, but also missed the opportunity to rush to land in the Digital Blue Ocean. Enterprises should first assess whether they have the appropriate level of professional skills to meet the needs, and then determine whether these tasks have made the most effective use of internal professionals and skills. Chen Weiwei said that if the transformation needs cannot be met, enterprises can use a comprehensive and scalable service portfolio to solve the problems of unclear transformation path, internal data islands, high operating costs and low transformation efficiency

as a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has been committed to digital transformation and upgrading for decades. Digital transformation is a challenge and there will be some risks, but Schneider Electric, with its continuous expansion, rich industry experience and case accumulation, can help customers improve the efficiency and flexibility of facility operation, reduce operational risks, and achieve many results, including reducing operating costs and capital expenditure, including regularly checking whether the wiring of the rear panel is loose. Chen Weiwei said that with customized services throughout the life cycle and a wide range of service combinations, digital and remote monitoring services covering all core product areas, Schneider electric service business can meet various challenges and ensure that enterprises can ride the storm in the digital transformation

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