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On December 22, 2014, Zhao Zhangke, an agricultural mechanic in Xiaohe village, Xinyuan Township, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, covered the repaired tractor and corn combine harvester with tarpaulin and tied it with rope, We began to calculate the agricultural machinery cost in 2014. Then in the form of composite materials, adding long glass fiber to long carbon fiber reinforced materials can achieve the required durability improvement accounting. Zhao Zhangke began to learn to drive tractors at the age of 20. It has been 28 years this year. He has become a famous "professional agricultural mechanic" in the city. He can not only cultivate, rotate, plant and harvest everything, but also maintain and calculate everything. At present, there are more than 2000 "professional agricultural mechanization workers" in Yuanping City, becoming the leader in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the city

Yuanping City is a famous "granary in northern Shanxi" in Shanxi Province. It has been rated as "national advanced county for grain production" by the State Council for many times, and has been proposed by the Nanjing municipal government of Shanxi Province as an advanced county for agricultural mechanization. The city has a total land area of 1.19 million mu, more than 20000 sets of agricultural machinery, and the mechanized operation rate of 650000 mu of corn is more than 65%

in recent years, agricultural machinery operators in Yuanping City have also undergone great changes. Some of them have changed their careers to others, while others are still in love with the cause of agricultural machinery and devote themselves to the development of agricultural machinery. Such people as Zhao Zhangke in Xiaohe village, Xinyuan Township, Wu erling in Nantan village, and Wang Runbao in Jiefang Street Village belong to this kind of people. They first drove walking tractors and small quads, and what they did was to pull hay and send dung, It can also cultivate and sow. But later, many young people in rural areas left their hometown to work, and the crop work in the farmland was increasingly completed by agricultural mechanization. In addition, the state issued a subsidy policy for large-scale agricultural machinery, and some farmers began to embark on the road of "professional agricultural machinery operators". They began to adjust their thinking, buy agricultural machinery with larger models, more advanced performance and more flexible operation, and learn to master more advanced operation technology. Gradually become the leader in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the city

after Wang Runbao registered and established the "Runbao agricultural machinery professional cooperative" in his own name, he not only became more proficient in operation technology, but also many villagers who went out to work entrusted their land to him. Factor 2: the ball screw, which drives the movement of the sensor, cultivated it, and some brought their own seed fertilizer, so that Wang Runbao came to cultivate, plant and harvest it. The harvested grain is generally sold by farmers who trust and circulate it, Others simply transfer 500 yuan per mu to Wang Runbao for cultivation. At present, Wang Runbao has received more than 200 mu of trust land under his name, and has become a major agricultural machinery planter with agricultural mechanization as the medium

at present, the professional agricultural machinery operators in Yuanping City have all mastered the agricultural machinery operation projects such as farmland, rotation, sowing, machine harvesting, weir scraping, land preparation, etc. 5. If there is no abnormal reason, all the income also comes from agricultural machinery operation. The land directly managed and cultivated by them has reached more than 150000 mu, which has made a useful exploration for the development of agricultural mechanization

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