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Heilongjiang LED spotlight professional manufacturer

Heilongjiang LED spotlight professional manufacturer

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Heilongjiang LED spotlight professional manufacturer

you can choose to hang the LED pendant gracefully, or install a permanent Chandelier in the living room, which will light up all occasions under the eaves. Technology has once again subverted this game. Modern LED lights are more fashionable and can light up almost anything from a huge living space to the accuracy of a small tweezer in use. You may be using LED lights, but at present, most of the businesses participating in the "Green Plan" take the advantage of the increased packaging cost by themselves. You may not have noticed! Find LED work lamp manufacturers, LED driving lamp manufacturers, LED strip lamp manufacturers, LED headlights, LED headlights manufacturers, and choose Bonner lighting, which is of excellent quality, safe and reliable, and is subject to inspection; LED lamps are small in size and light in weight. They can be combined into various modules with soft illumination by using LEDs of different light colors, which can be installed in the room at will. The light source of the room lighting lamps may come from the ground, wall, windowsill, furniture, accessories, etc. Therefore, in the future, room lighting will no longer be limited to a single lamp, but will be transformed from a single lamp lighting into a shadowless lamp without the overall lighting effect of lighting appliances. Different light colors and brightness can have different effects on people's physiology and psychology that e-commerce is bound to become the main driving force for the trade growth of 5 gold plastic machinery and mold industry in the 21st century. In many cases, people do not need very bright white light, and yellow light or light of other colors may be more suitable for physiological and psychological needs

led has won a huge market because of its energy-saving and high luminous efficiency. LED is used more and more widely, among which the heat dissipation problem of high-density and high-power LED lighting fixtures needs to be solved. The performance of thermal conductive plastics is analyzed, and the problems of heat dissipation and performance, life and safety of LED lighting fixtures are explored. It is concluded that the use of thermal conductive plastics in LED light source engines can enhance the heat dissipation capacity. We hope to promote the research and development process of thermal conductive plastics in China. Thermal conductive plastics thermal conductive plastics is an improvement of engineering plastics. It is to increase the thermal conductivity of engineering plastics by adding thermal conductive fillers inside the engineering plastics, so that the engineering plastics that originally did not have thermal properties have thermal conductivity and can become a component of the lamp heat dissipation system. The whole process of LED lighting design and manufacturing will affect the VOC lamp of the whole vehicle, which is called the fourth generation of automotive light source. Compared with incandescent lamps, although the one-time investment is higher, LED lamps have the characteristics of high reliability and low power consumption, and the product life is longer, requiring less maintenance and operation costs. Recently, with the continuous development of brightness and optional colors, the advantages of LED lamps for automotive lighting are gradually reflected, and the trend of replacing incandescent lamps is very obvious. Lights play an important role in the safe driving process of vehicles, whether such as excavators, excavators, engineering vehicles and other engineering machinery, or our cars, are very important

the humid environment will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driving power supply. The electronic components are affected by moisture and the lamp life is shortened. The three primary color LED can realize the continuous transformation and selection of brightness, gray scale and color, which makes the lighting expand from white light in the general sense to light of various colors

because we usually use 220V voltage, if the current connected by the converter is certainly less than 220V, it will be affected in use, resulting in unstable voltage or burnout of components. The power supply frequency of ordinary fluorescent lamps is 50 Hz, which means that when emitting light, it lights and darkens 100 times per second. It belongs to low-frequency flash, which will make the regulating organs of human eyes in a tense regulating state, leading to visual fatigue. If the frequency of light-emitting rises to hundreds or tens of thousands of Hertz -- becoming a high frequency, the human eye will not have a stroboscopic feeling; But the real stroboscopic is the light emitted by DC power supply or semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices (such as LED light-emitting diodes), which is called stroboscopic. In recent years, led wall washing lamps have been widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historical buildings, entertainment places, etc; The scope involved is also more and more extensive. From the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting, it is the improvement and development of the level. With the increasing progress of the times, nowadays led wall washing lamps have been invested in lighting projects in various fields. In the next few years, led wall washing lamps will develop into an indispensable part of lighting projects

"LED is a weak current product, and there will be no electric shock accident when touched by hands, which also creates an opportunity for visitors to provide convenience for people to feel LED lighting works at a close distance and enhance the interaction between the public and the design works. Therefore, people can according to the overall lighting needs (such as color, temperature, brightness and direction, etc.) To set the lighting effect, realize humanized intelligent control, and create different indoor lighting effects

thermal conductive plastics, like traditional engineering plastics, can basically be shaped at one time in processing, without later deep processing and surface treatment, which is relatively environmentally friendly. The aluminum material itself has poor fluidity, monotonous mold design, and needs later repair and surface treatment after forming. The process is relatively complex, and will cause serious pollution to the environment; Fourth, the flexibility of heat-conducting plastic makes the design flexible. A large number of plastic parts are used in LED lamps, including LED packaging elements, LED optical lenses, light scattering elements, high-efficiency heat dissipation elements, light reflection and light diffusion plates, etc., and heat-conducting plastics are increasingly replacing metal parts in the heat-conducting parts of LED lamps, mainly including lamp holders, cooling and heat dissipation lamp cups and shells. Under normal circumstances, the voltage waveform in the power system is a sine wave. During the operation of power system, the voltage of some parts of the system rises suddenly and greatly exceeds its rated voltage due to lightning strike, operation failure or improper parameter coordination of electrical equipment, which is called overvoltage. Overvoltage can be divided into two categories according to its causes: one is overvoltage caused by direct lightning strike or lightning induction, which is called external overvoltage; The other is caused by energy conversion or parameter changes inside the power system, such as connecting with no-load line, cutting off no-load transformer, single-phase arc grounding in the system, etc., which is called internal overvoltage

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