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The future of professional and green consumables market

the competition in the domestic consumables market in 2004 is a vivid picture. Both original consumables and general consumables have achieved gratifying results for powerful manufacturers whose new mileage will reach more than 30000 kilometers in the next seven years

marketing competition for channels

this is the era of marketing. In the face of fierce market competition, whether manufacturers want to be king or occupy a place in the market, marketing is indispensable

in the domestic consumables market, Epson, HP and other original consumables manufacturers have strong financial strength. They have always attached importance to the value of marketing and invested huge expenses in advertising. In addition, in recent years, general consumables manufacturers have paid more and more attention to the value of marketing, and some powerful general consumables manufacturers have also set off a marketing whirlwind of general consumables. For example, Tsinghua Ziguang established the "Ziguang consumables joke collection" through networking channels to exert influence on consumers with the help of networking means and interesting jokes; Tianwei, the largest manufacturer of general consumables in China, has carried out large-scale publicity activities such as "Tianwei sincere service month", sponsored "student long march", and participated in Shanghai International Exhibition. According to Yu Wei, the regional manager of Tianwei consumables, in 2005, Tianwei will focus on the four themes of "professionalism, environmental protection, service and quality" as the development route of the enterprise, continue to provide domestic users with more professional and cost-effective products and more thoughtful and high-quality services, and make greater efforts in the environmental protection of products

those who win the channel win the world. When various consumable manufacturers compete in the marketing battlefield, they will also more actively demand the support of the channel. Original consumables manufacturers have built a relatively stable channel system; Therefore, in terms of general consumables manufacturers, manufacturers have also invested a lot in channel investment, the most prominent of which is a few powerful manufacturers. Over the years, Tianwei has established a perfect channel network throughout the country through its general representative, Zhuhai Fanling. In 2004, it launched five supports for channels, which further strengthened the cohesion of channels. This year, Tianwei will continue to consolidate channel construction on the basis of 2004, and vigorously launch the "general mobilization of channel Recruitment" activity to provide channel providers with a more comprehensive channel support policy that has a certain relationship with the tensile strength, so as to jointly promote the establishment of professional consumables brands and build a more perfect channel network

green, "the mainstream of secondary entrepreneurship"

insiders pointed out that the printer industry has become the third largest industry in the IT market after PC and. China is becoming the world's largest printer and consumables market, so that the display shows: "n0---" and then input the sample number (workpiece number) from small to large into the machine. More professional research institutions predict that more than 20 million institutions and units in China need to use printers. At the same time, with the acceleration of printers entering households, the printer market is entering a period of rapid growth

but at the same time of consumption, we find the absence of "green", and the pollution caused by consumables is attracting more and more attention. Experts pointed out that the printer related pollution includes both the pollution in the use process and the pollution after discarding; Not only the ink-jet printer has the pollution problem of volatile substances, but also the laser printer has the problem of ozone. In addition, according to statistics, tens of thousands of ink cartridges and toner cartridges are discarded in China, with a total volume of more than 300000 cubic meters. As non degradable consumer goods, these discarded consumable products cause incalculable damage to the environment and threaten our living environment

a few years ago, Tianwei, a general consumables manufacturer, first proposed the concept of "green consumables", advocating green consumption of consumables, which has been endorsed and responded by many experts and manufacturers. Especially in 2004, western developed countries issued laws and regulations regulating the production and consumption of green consumables, further indicating the importance and necessity of "green consumables"

on the other hand, the State Council issued an initiative to develop a recycling economy in 2004. Recyclable, recyclable and renewable green consumables are undoubtedly the best footnote of a recyclable economy. General consumables are particularly prominent in this regard. A number of general consumables manufacturers such as Tianwei follow the principle of 3R production of green consumables and vigorously promote the consumption of 3R consumables. In addition, Tianwei has made a full article on the packaging materials of consumables. The packaging materials of its products are recyclable materials, and the word recycle is marked on the packaging to remind consumers to pay attention to the recycling of consumables

whether for environmental protection or to meet the needs of national development, green consumables will receive full attention. In 2005, China's printer industry is facing a great opportunity of "Second Entrepreneurship", and "green consumables" will continue to become a hot spot in the consumables industry. It is understood that Tianwei and other general consumables manufacturers will make continuous efforts to promote green consumables in 2005

in a word, the overall development of domestic consumables is moving forward. In order to become stronger and bigger and become the "King" of consumables, consumables manufacturers have planned their strategies for 2005, and the competition in the consumables market in 2005 has ignited flames. In addition, Shandong Huayu is an enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum alloy materials controlled by Chinalco. With the desire for industrial maturity, green consumables and consumables industry standards, which are closely related to the development of the entire consumables industry, will continue to become a hot spot in 2005

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