The hottest professional electrician stole cables

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Professional electricians stole cables. Yulin No. 1 construction site lost more than 100000 yuan

China business daily (Yulin) on December 4, cables were stolen from the construction site of Sena residence in Yulin southwest New Area, with a loss of more than 100000 yuan. The Baijie squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Hengshan branch of Yulin Public Security Bureau obtained monitoring and found that under the weather of more than minus 20 degrees Celsius in the morning of that day, a man opened his coat in the street and behaved abnormally. According to this clue, the police followed the clues and arrested the suspect Li in a rented house in Yulin City, while another suspect Zhang was chased and fled

the construction site has been stolen for two consecutive days

the building of Sena mansion in the southwest New Area has been capped and is being improved in the later stage of the project. The staff of the project party said that at about 6 a.m. on December 3 this year, the hydropower workers of the engineering department found that there were signs of wire shortage and cutting. They suspected that it had been stolen and immediately reported it to the project department

because the factual basis was not found out, the company organized management personnel to conduct on-site inspection and required all types of work to verify whether materials and items were missing. Because the area of missing items was scattered, it was being implemented in statistics. However, in the early morning of the 4th, someone was found to have entered the construction site again, and his behavior was abnormal. He began to check and found that there were obvious signs of theft in the underground garage, there were cut cables on the ground, and there were smuggled coils outside the fence. The construction site reported to the police. The police found that the two stolen cables were basically the same, and it was suspected that it was a group of people

It has many good performances

Li Yongning, leader of the Baijie squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Hengshan branch of Yulin Public Security Bureau, said that at about 3 a.m. on December 4, he arrived at the scene and found that the suspects had damaged and stolen many cables, causing heavy losses on the construction site. The scene was investigated until dawn, and the site monitoring showed that the suspicious person flashed by, and the whereabouts were unknown

the suspect is a professional electrician

at a loss, the police handling the case, ye Shuai, saw on the monitoring of a kindergarten near the crime site that a man acted suspiciously on the road. "It was very cold that night. It was more than minus 20 degrees Celsius, but the man was in a panic and opened his coat. Maybe he was tired and sweated after running." Ye Shuai said that the man then got on a silver Volkswagen car and disappeared after circling the southwest New Area in the four directions of focusing on the development of special chemicals, new chemical materials, medicine and bio based materials

through the vehicle information, the police quickly targeted Li, a 23-year-old man from Ningxia, and Zhang, a 30-year-old man from Mizhi County. On December 7, Li was arrested in a rental house on Qinjian Road, Yuyang District, Yulin city. According to the police, Li has worked as an electrician and has certain professional knowledge. He can judge the progress of the project through the appearance of the building, and then decide whether to steal cables

at present, Mr. Li is suspected of theft and is criminally detained by the police, and his accomplice, Mr. Zhang, is chased and fled. In the morning of December 17, in order to thank the police for solving the case in time, the staff of Sena mansion sent a golden flag with the words "quickly solving the theft case, changing the maintenance of the experimental machine is the cleaning and inspection before and after the operation of the experimental machine and in the process, mainly checking the situation of key and vulnerable parts. There is also the maintenance work during the season change, transfer and parking. Shi Yang Jingwei in 2012" to the Baijie squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Hengshan public security branch

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