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Shenzhen professional robot design company - Bessel industrial design R & D new products

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Shenzhen professional robot design company - Bessel industrial design R & D new products

Shenzhen Bessel industrial design relies on years of experience and resource advantages from industrial design to product production and service, It can better interpret this type of corporate culture and provide excellent product design services. The scope of protection of similar design patents is determined by each independent design. The basic design and other similar designs can be used as the basis for determining the scope of patent protection of design

the production of electronic cigarette is a kind of technology integration, which needs the support of a variety of basic technologies. The e-cigarette industry has just started and does not have the development direction that affects the basic industry. Besides, supporting basic industries and technological development also need time. Therefore, in the current development process of the e-cigarette industry, we should not invest too much energy in this aspect because the technology of a basic industry can not keep up with it, and we should not entangle ourselves with the lack of technology of a basic industry, but should follow the trend above the development level of relevant basic industry technology and focus on the integration of relevant basic technology

Bessel industrial design, a professional robot design company in Shenzhen, has been engaged in OEM OEM manufacturing business for a long time due to environmental factors. It does not have its own brand products. It mainly carries out OEM business for foreign manufacturers. It can cooperate with Bessel industrial design company to develop its own products, so as to establish a brand and generate new profit points. For example, the operating part of the handset product does not exceed the range of activities of the hand. Once it exceeds the range, the user cannot use it comfortably

mechanical design is generally used in non-standard automation equipment, mechanical equipment, robots and other industries, mainly focusing on products with many moving parts, and the whole machine is complex, expensive, relatively high technical content and so on, but the production batch is generally not too large. This position needs to have a solid foundation in mechanical principle, mechanical analysis, motion simulation, etc., and also need to understand the relevant knowledge of each component. It is a post with a high threshold. The product of mechanical design focuses on function realization, reliability, performance parameters, etc., while the requirements for industrial design, user experience, appearance quality, etc. are relatively low. For example, designing a machine tool requires high reliability and performance

at present, domestic OEM enterprises compete fiercely with each other, the production cost continues to increase, and the profit of OEM products gradually decreases. In addition, due to the gradual popularization and education of domestic industrial design and the rising level of industrial design, some OEM enterprise bosses have realized that industrial design will bring higher product added value to the company's products, and at the same time, it can improve the competitiveness of the company's products. At the stage of industrial product design, the strategy, appearance, structure and function of the whole industrial product should be fully considered, so as to determine the layout of the whole production system

therefore, such customers' demand for cooperation in industrial design is imminent. A reputable design company that has worked in the field of industrial design for many years has become the first choice for such customers. That is, in the judgment of infringement, the shape, pattern, color and their combination contained in it should be comprehensively compared with the corresponding shape, pattern, color and their combination of the alleged infringing product

let me start with the conclusion that e-cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes in terms of health. If tobacco will not die out, e-cigarettes must be the next generation of evolution. Among them, the explanation of why e-cigarettes are healthier is understandable and persuasive for me, a person with high school scientific literacy. Simply put, the most harmful part of cigarettes is due to the violent chemical change of burning, which produces a mixture of more than 6000 substances. The process is difficult to control and verify that those substances are carcinogenic and harmful. E-smoke is a gasification process and a physical change. The substance in the smoke is very stable. The components of products are limited, and the process is easy to control

Bessel industrial design, a professional robot design company in Shenzhen, has developed new products with strong technicality in this field, and even has been in the leading position in the industry. They are no longer satisfied with pure technical development. If they want to consolidate and maintain their own advantages, they must strengthen their own industry advantages by developing their own product terminals, and even want to formulate industry standards. Production stage: the stage centered on "promoting the professionalization of industrial design". In the production stage, professional needs dominate the development of industrial design industry

in today's fast-moving consumer era, there must be certain advantages in having a good appearance, and the world of e-cigarettes is naturally the same. Every designer has emptied his mind and tried to make the shape of e-cigarettes strange, just for someone to understand and appreciate. The development of e-cigarette is still inseparable from CMF (color, material, technology) and the mutual support of the whole industrial chain. It is dedicated to industry exchanges on materials, processes and development trends. Delicate, elegant, charming and occasionally sexy, when I completely don't know her past and connotation, it has become the most perfect image in my heart

strictly speaking, industrial design of products does not mean that it is finished only by designing the appearance of products. A completed design process should include all links of product appearance, structure, mold and production. For example, the above product riding steward, from the initial product appearance conception, to product structure design, to mold manufacturing, to injection molding production, the whole process is completed by Bessel industrial design. The core of product appearance design is the beauty design of product form. It is a design carried out by product designers on the basis of precise positioning of product appearance design after systematic market research and analysis

the use state view of the product in changing state shall be used as the basis for determining the protection scope of the product design. For the design patent of the product in a changing state, if the sued infringing design is the same or similar to the design in various use states shown in the changing state diagram, the people's court shall determine that the sued infringing design falls within the scope of patent protection; If the alleged infringing design lacks a design in a state of use, or is different or similar to it, the people's law must establish a separate oil management institute, which shall determine that the alleged infringing design does not fall within the scope of patent protection

new products developed by Bessel industrial design, a professional robot design company in Shenzhen, refers to product design, that is, the response to the needs of tools and equipment generated in the connection between man and nature. Including qb/t 3897 ⑴ 999 galvanized electric welding (5) required for the maintenance and development of survival and life 5. The design of material equipment such as anti tension tools, instruments and products for welding joints. The core of product design is that the product has good affinity and matching with the user's body and heart. The scope of protection of the design patent right shall be subject to the design of the product shown in the picture or photograph of the design patent. The brief description can be used to explain the design of the product shown in the picture or photograph

in order to pursue the goal of being close to the traditional tobacco taste and minimizing the harm, the formula and process of cigarette bombs produced by various manufacturers, as well as the production and heating methods of cigarette sets are different, resulting in the strong exclusivity of cigarette bombs and cigarette sets produced by various manufacturers at the current market level. E-cigarette sales channel Yiluohe specialty store is still the most important e-cigarette sales channel, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total sales. The advantage of online sales lies in its convenience and quickness, which is closer to the consumption habits of the younger generation. However, due to the inability to effectively control the purchase of minors and the difficulty in monitoring the quality of products, it faces greater regulatory risks. At present, some EU countries have banned the sale of e-cigarettes, such as Spain, Poland, Austria and so on. In this way, franchised stores can better undertake the functions of product display, consumption experience, communication and interaction, and the proportion of sales has the potential to continue to grow

Bessel industrial design, a professional robot design company in Shenzhen, develops new products. The definition of narrow industrial design is consistent with that of traditional industrial design. Since industrial design has always been based on product design, product design is often called industrial design. If the products sell well, gradually establish the brand; Through certain precipitation and accumulation, the brand will leave its brand image and characteristics in the hearts of consumers

the influence of transparent materials on appearance design should be treated differently. If the opaque material is replaced by transparent material, or the transparent material is replaced by opaque material, and it only belongs to the transformation of material characteristics, which does not lead to significant changes in the product design, it shall not be considered when judging the similarity of the same design. However, if the transparent material changes the aesthetic feeling of the appearance design of the product, resulting in the general consumer's overall vision of the product, it should be considered. Design points are not equivalent to the scope of protection

(industrial) design aims to guide innovation, promote business success and provide a better quality of life. It is a design activity that applies the process of strategic problem-solving to products, systems, services and experiences. The concept of industrial design, that is, for industrial products produced in batches, by virtue of training, technical knowledge, experience and visual experience, gives new quality and qualification to materials, structures, forms, colors, surface processing and decoration, which is called industrial design

Shenzhen professional robot appearance design company - Bessel industrial design research and development new products. It is an interdisciplinary specialty, which closely links innovation, technology, commerce, research and consumers. (8) place the sample appropriately in the center of the pad on the compact space movable platform of the experimental machine, jointly carry out creative activities, visualize the problems to be solved and the proposed solutions, and re deconstruct the problems, And take it as an opportunity to build better products, systems, services, experiences or business networks, providing new value and competitive advantages. (industrial) design is the response to social, economic, environmental and ethical issues through its output, aiming to create a better world

product design generally refers to the design of the internal structure of the product, the support, connection and position relationship between parts, as well as the realization of the functions of the whole machine. It is generally applied to the structural design of non transmission parts. There are also special cases. A small part of the product design also includes the appearance design, and then it will be completed together with the structural design. Product design also needs to master a very comprehensive knowledge, otherwise, it can only be on paper. Either the product cannot be realized, or the product design is clumsy, or the cost is high, or the reliability is too low, and many other defects. In short, an excellent product and a poor product are very different in the eyes of professionals. The emphasis of product design lies in the appearance of the product, the level of detail workmanship, cost control and so on. For example, the structure of the product is not complex, but its quality level is quite high, and the grasp of details is quite in place

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