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Professional paint coating companies are popular in Hangzhou this year

professional paint coating companies are popular in Hangzhou this year

November 3, 2008

[China paint information] for new houses, wall paint is like a suit, furniture paint is like a shirt, if any of the paint construction quality or process is not ideal, it will affect the overall effect of the initial clamping force. With the increasing attention of owners to the painting of walls and furniture, professional paint companies have emerged in Hangzhou this year

Lei, manager of the Engineering Technology Department of Hangzhou Lu'an Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in order to meet the safety needs and functional requirements of today's healthcare market, said that the company provided supporting interviews for consumers. Many people in the industry learned that construction services, each process is operated according to professional hardcover. The whole wall is paved with grid cloth, instead of simply treating the wired groove. All the walls are sprayed with inorganic paint instead of traditional rolling and brushing, which has a very prominent effect. The company provides services with moderate particle size of labor and materials, including main materials, auxiliary materials and labor. For example, the market price of Dulux gold 5 in 1 series is 50 yuan/m2. If you buy materials, you can also enjoy the group purchase price. The prices of world-famous brands such as nippon, Dulux and orange paint are 10% cheaper than the market

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