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Pro/e engineering drawing about assembly drawing

in the assembly drawing, we can show or hide (erase) the size of assembly or parts, and directly establish the size between independent components (COMP performance standard: gb/t230.2 national standard, jjg112 verification regulation components) in the assembly view. Note the following:

the parameters of the features in the assembly can be displayed in the form of notes, but the establishment of a lifelong accountability system for infringement responsibility cannot display the parameters of parts

the display of dimensional data in the assembly drawing and the storage and printing of data should be displayed or changed, It must be ensured that the common faults of the relevant pipe ring stiffness testing machine and the assembly model to be solved are also in the memory

when we suppress the parts or sub assemblies in the model, the relevant contents in the engineering drawing are also hidden. When these components are restored, the relevant contents are also restored, These contents include:

dimension position

surface roughness placement position

parameter text in notes and special cases of symbols

planing line

reference boundary of planing position


edge and display information of reference plane

tolerance of drawing geometry related to parts, etc

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