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Uruguay postponed granting the operation right of the controversial paper mill on the border between Uruguay and Afghanistan

Xinhua Munde "in some cases, the net spacing of 8 columns (mm) is 565 dimensions, Asia, November 1 (Liao Yuanjin) The Uruguayan presidential palace said on the 1st that at the request of the mediator Spain, the Uruguayan side decided to suspend the granting of the right to operate a controversial paper mill on the border between Uruguay and Argentina

the Ukrainian presidential palace said that the relevant parties will continue to exchange views on the paper mill dispute next week

in April this year, the governments of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan resumed the direct dialogue on the paper mill dispute, which was interrupted for nearly a year, and agreed to hold a series of technical talks on the paper mill and its related transportation between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, environmental protection and sustainable development in the Uruguayan River Basin

in 2005, the Uruguayan government approved a Finnish company to build a paper mill in freibentos, a city on the Eastern Bank of the Uruguayan River on the border with Argentina. However, the Afghan government believes that this paper mill, which is a shuffle factory, is bound to pose a threat to the ecological environment, residents' lives and tourism in the Afghan border areas, and demands that Ukraine stop building factories. Argentine residents living in the border area between Uzbekistan and Argentina have protested many times by cutting off road traffic between the two countries since 2005

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