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British supermarkets have recently introduced the country's first fully decomposed environmental protection plastic bag, and the decomposition time has also been significantly reduced to 3 years, hoping to greatly reduce the accumulation of plastic waste and make contributions to environmental protection. British supermarkets use 4.5 billion plastic bags every year, enough to cover two earth; The average Briton uses 134 plastic bags per person per year, which is equivalent to 323 plastic bags per family per year. Co OP supermarket in the UK is the first local chain super studio to introduce new eco-friendly plastic bags. Cash on delivery! Professional and worry free recycled plastic trading samples are not placed in the excessive market. The fully decomposable plastic bag designed by syniphony envivonmental is as tough as ordinary plastic bags and can be recycled. However, the plastic bag will start to decompose automatically after hrc18 months, and the whole process will take about 3 years. Stephens, the company's technical director, said that they had added an additive to the new plastic bag, which could decompose the tough hydrocarbon structure of the plastic, leaving only a small amount of organic raw materials, minerals, water and carbon dioxide. In contrast, ordinary plastic bags take about 100 years or more to decompose. Even the so-called environmentally friendly plastic bags currently used in the market will still leave plastic waste after decomposition, which is more expensive and heavier than ordinary plastic bags. However, caierzi, a member of the environmental protection organization "Friends of the earth", is worried that if ordinary biodegradable plastic glue decomposes in the absence of oxygen and fills the garbage, it will produce methane, a greenhouse gas, which will exacerbate global warming. In this regard, Strauss argued that because there is air on the upper layer of the landfill, there is no need to worry about the problem of methane generation in most of today's electronic tensile machines, and the carbon content of the environmental protection bag is very small, which is about equal to the carbon contained in a piece of bread, so the amount of carbon dioxide generated will not affect the environment

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