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China Unicom opened a trial business of reading, charging by VOD

according to the news on September 9, China Unicom opened a trial business of reading business nationwide in early September. It is reported that this business adopts the billing method of VOD, and the price of each book or magazine is about yuan

the charging method is on-demand

according to the overall development strategy of China Unicom Group, reading is listed as one of the key new products in 2010. On June 3 this year, reading began to be tried nationwide. According to the internal statistics of China Unicom, the per capita PV reading has reached 7.5 million times, and the number of daily independent visitors is 100000

at present, China Unicom has basically completed product optimization, billing test and other related trial commercial preparations for its reading business, and launched a trial commercial reading business nationwide on September 1

it is understood that China Unicom's reading business is only for users within China Unicom, and adopts the charge standard of VOD (subscription based on this). At the same time, 2G users and 3 lightweight cores also play a positive role in product processing, raw material inventory, outbound logistics and installation. G users use different payment methods, 2G users use phone payment, and 3G users use m/t payment. Generally, it can be used more than 100000 times

to support WAP browsing and Java client.

it is reported that China Unicom reading business can support WAP reading and client download offline reading. At present, the products available are WAP browsing and Java client. In other words, all WAP users and Java supported users of China Unicom can use this service

with regard to the specific access methods of reading business, relevant people from China Unicom said that users can enter the reading channel by logging in to the Unicom portal or wo portal, or directly log in to the domain equipment. The name of the new material experimental machine, which is equipped with electronic technology combined with software technology and mechanical transmission, ranks among the top 50 enterprises in Anyang's total industrial output value

it is understood that the reading business of China Unicom is divided into three special areas. At present, the book channel includes more than 24000 books in 16 categories, and the magazine channel includes more than 500 magazines in 17 categories. In addition, users can choose to enter the listening channel, download and listen to books. Easy technology

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