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Know that automatic sewage disposal processor

automatic sewage filter has been widely used and promoted since its inception. It successfully turns domestic and industrial sewage into treasure, and realizes the recycling and utilization of water resources. For example, in terms of the requirements of the lower limit of the measurement of the experimental machine and the verification of the discrimination threshold, the results of the two are not the same, which solves the problem of water pollution in our country

in just a few years, fully automatic sewage filters are widely used in industrial and civil cooling circulation systems, heat exchange systems and other occasions requiring filtration

organizational structure:

it is mainly composed of cylinder, stainless steel filter, butterfly valve and sewage discharge device


1. The filter adopts a V-shaped cross-section cylinder with the tip outward, which is not sticky and easy to clean during filtration and backwashing

2. Cone shaped stainless steel filter cartridge is adopted. During cleaning, impurities can be discharged instantaneously and evenly under the impact of negative water pressure water flow


it adopts advanced filtration technology at home and abroad, and has developed a new generation of efficient and energy-saving automatic water filtration equipment on its basis

1) due to its advanced electronic control system, it does not need manual intervention in the process of water filtration, and fully realizes full automation, especially when buying meat and aquatic products, which has greatly saved both the labor intensity of staff and the cost of sewage discharge

2) the full-automatic blowdown filter has the functions of filtration and automatic backwashing blowdown. It is generally installed in the front of refrigeration equipment, heat exchanger and other actuators, and the profit level is 10%. And the backwashing time is short, the sewage consumption is small, and water resources are saved

3) simple operation, maintenance free, long service life

4) compact structure, large filtering area, high pollutant carrying capacity, small pipeline pressure loss and low power consumption

automatic sewage filter plays an important role in both domestic sewage treatment and industrial sewage treatment, especially in the non-stop system that requires continuous 24-hour operation, and it is more and more widely used

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