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Top level design of e-government cloud data center

the informatization promotion department of the Ministry of industry and information technology is organizing the pilot of e-government cloud platform data center, building a highly secure, available and scalable cloud computing public platform, and striving to achieve the practical application benefits of e-government and business reform as soon as possible. Recently, Yang Guoxun, deputy director of the national informatization expert advisory committee, shared the "development ideas of e-government data center", analyzed the development concept of cloud platform data center, and pointed out that the construction of e-government cloud data center should start from the basic idea of establishing an overall service system, and gradually develop sustainably, rather than in one step

the overall service concept of cloud computing data center

the industry often compares the purchase of electricity, water and gas to cloud computing services, which is conducive to our understanding of cloud computing, but in fact, the services provided by cloud computing data center are far more complex than power plants, water plants and gas plants. Information service should consider specific applications and the concept of overall service. It doesn't matter how to use water, electricity and gas after they are submitted to users

public cloud and private cloud data centers have different overall service requirements, which is due to the different main contradictions to be solved by the two. The former needs to deal with the uncertainty of the service object. When the data center is built, the specific purpose in the future is not very clear, so its construction needs to be able to face the future service needs, and have full adaptability and flexibility; The latter requires an overall consideration from the comprehensive level of business technology, so that the informatization of the unit can achieve practical results

looking at the overall service idea from the perspective of service delivery mode, the government provides SaaS, but does not need to provide its own infrastructure. It can rent public cloud services. For example, foreign CIA uses AWS to build cloud services

but if it is a self built cloud data center, the overall idea of iaas/paas technical services should consider the computer room, environment, security, network and system architecture as a whole, as well as the comprehensive application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile computing, IOT, and greening. This is an internal problem of the data center. The practice of SaaS, such as e-government platform service, if IAAs is compared to traditional informatization ERP, SaaS is more similar to CRM at the same time. Its overall service idea of technology business integration should be that the information system serves for business reform, and the business model should also facilitate the time of informatization, which is a problem that needs to be solved cooperatively

top level design of e-government cloud data center

as the overall provider of government information services, e-government data center should carry out top-level design according to business needs. We should adopt a progressive development approach, and remember that haste makes waste, and we do not want to achieve it in one step, but to support business reform and development in a sustainable manner. Because the information system is not to see how well it is done, but to take user satisfaction as the standard, but in the transition period of deepening reform and opening up, the development trend is still changing, and the business needs of users are not very clear, so the data center should be prepared to follow step by step when doing top-level design

specifically, all the benefits of information technology, the role that the system itself can play, or the belt on the test piston falls off or is too loose, which may cause the piston to rotate at an uneven speed. It is limited. The significant effect of disruptive innovation must be the combination of technological innovation and business reform. However, even the business reform of informatization belt, hoping to do it in one step, often fails. In fact, it is easier to succeed by focusing on serving the existing business model, borrowing the existing business model, and then doing business reform and technological innovation with the help of informatization. The reason for this is very simple. In different ways, we encounter different obstacles, and the enthusiasm of the organization personnel is also different. In other words, idealized reform ideas and steps may not be truly feasible

secondly, the gradual development also needs the support of on-demand capability, that is, the system platform can keep up with business changes without major changes. This requires the system platform to be built based on the concept of SOA, with convenient software definition functions, so as to support applications in small steps and realize business integration

e-government cloud is like this. Other types of data centers are also similar to the largest start. You can draw inferences from one instance

breakthrough and roadmap

the hot and difficult issues in economic society are the concentrated expression of demand. The principle of demand orientation (urgent use online) is conducive to condensing consensus, overcoming reform resistance, bridging the gap between the concerns of leaders, business and technology departments, and forming a breakthrough of deep integration. According to the overall objectives and tasks of e-government, and fully integrate urbanization and smart city construction, formulate e-government development plans, and then cooperate to solve economic and social hot and difficult problems one by one, forming the actual development plan of the data center

if the plan is formulated in the top-level design, with the formation of hot and difficult issues, we need to adjust to meet the objective needs

overall safety protection and application development ideas

4 The better frequency of oil tank hydraulic oil is 2 years or within 2 years

the e-government data center should establish a comprehensive, reasonable and strengthened concept of security and confidentiality from the beginning, and formulate a formal classification, access, audit and other management systems. From the perspective of cloud computing, no matter how much the system does from the technical level, if the compliance of the program cannot be guaranteed, the security will not be guaranteed, as evidenced by the Snowden incident

secondly, try to use self-contained and controllable hardware, software and network technology, comprehensively consider human and machine factors, pay equal attention to safety and application development, and don't give up eating because of choking, because safety problems dare not develop applications

in addition, we should strengthen the central system operation and maintenance monitoring and management system, and consider the disaster recovery and backup plan as a whole throughout the country

methodology of business technology integration

first, we need to overcome the misunderstanding of the concept of data center development. For example, we should prevent information islands, chimneys, digital divide and other situations. We should not only agree, but also be reasonable. We should consider how to turn rationality into agreement, and deepen the management of operation service items and decision-making services

secondly, it is necessary to support driving the car to change wheels, and the business provides convenience for system switching. Migration to the cloud platform or the transformation of cloud applications should ensure the stable operation of the business. In order to realize the seamless connection and smooth transition of the system, we should strengthen the top-level design, formulate the overall data, application, network and security architecture, and solve the coexistence, interconnection, collaboration, transformation scheme, business and technology of new and old systems to achieve win-win results

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