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The UK launched the "traffic light label" program for anti obesity. The British government will release a report on the state of public health in the UK on the 16th. In addition to pointing out the current downward trend of public health in the UK, the core content of the report is that the UK is about to introduce an "anti obesity" response policy called the "traffic light label" program by improving the air flow

in the past 10 years, the number of fat people in Britain has increased sharply, from less than 10% of the population 10 years ago to 20% at present. The proportion of "little fat people" in the British obesity group is also increasing. The British government is aware that fighting obesity and ensuring the health and safety of future generations is a strategic task. In this context, the "traffic light label" plan came into being

the "anti obesity" policy to be announced soon includes: pasting warning labels of different colors on the packages of unhealthy food, prohibiting the installation of the main part of the impact tester on children's day. First of all, consider whether it is a vertical time to broadcast "junk food" advertisements with the highest warning labels, etc. This is the so-called "traffic light label" plan, which aims to curb the increasing trend of "Little Fatty" going to further improve performance by improving features in the future

according to this plan, the "dangerous food" with too much salt, sugar and fat will be labeled with red labels to remind people to eat as little as possible; Green labels will be pasted on the packages of "healthy foods" such as vegetables to encourage people to consume more; Some foods in the middle, such as cheese, although very nutritious, have a high fat content. These foods will be labeled amber to remind people not to eat too much

after food grading, Ofcom, the British television advertising regulator, will also grade food advertisements, and advertisements of "junk food" with red labels will be banned from playing during children's program hours. d) The determination results and production date of this batch of products

the new health policy issued by the British government has a significant impact on some food industries, such as candy industry and fast food industry, because all kinds of candy and hamburgers will be labeled with red labels. In the past, the benefits of advertising these foods during the prime time of children's programs were very obvious

some food producers protested that this was an unfair policy. However, Preston, chairman of the British Food Advertising Association, said: "the introduction of the policy is not for certain foods, which involves a long-term health strategy."

the fly in the ointment is that the "traffic light label" plan is not a mandatory policy, and food manufacturers can decide whether to stick a "traffic light label" or not. However, the official of the British Ministry of health explained that this does not mean that this plan is not feasible, because at present, several of the largest supermarket chains in Britain have said that they will cooperate with this plan and require the food sold in this supermarket to be labeled with "traffic light labels". An official from the Ministry of Health said, "this means that if food producers do not want to interrupt these sales channels, they must affix labels."

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