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Zhengzhou subway construction equipment lighting installation skills

Zhengzhou subway construction equipment lighting installation skills

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Zhengzhou subway construction equipment lighting installation skills

heat conductive plastics, like traditional engineering plastics, can basically be finalized at one time in processing, without later deep processing and surface treatment, The reason why relative molecular motion has obvious relaxation characteristics is environmental protection. The aluminum material itself has poor fluidity, monotonous mold design, and needs later repair and surface treatment after forming. The process is relatively complex, and will cause serious pollution to the environment; Fourth, the flexibility of heat-conducting plastic makes the design flexible. Compared with traditional aluminum, the thermal conductivity of thermal conductive plastics is relatively low, about half of that of aluminum. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of fluorescent tubes. If we replace 50% of our current traditional lighting with LED, the electricity saved in China every year is equivalent to the total power generation of a Three Gorges power station, and its energy-saving benefits are very considerable. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the lighting source in home life is gradually replaced by LED. LED is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, long service life, small size, energy saving and so on. It is called green light source by people. LED is light-emitting diode, which uses solid semiconductor chip as light-emitting material, and emits excess energy through carrier recombination in semiconductors to cause photon emission. LED lighting products are lighting lamps made of LED as light source. The application of semiconductor materials in the field of lighting technology is mainly led lighting technology. LED is a rapidly rising semiconductor light-emitting device in recent years

Zhengzhou LED includes different types such as large wattage and small wattage, and different projects have different requirements for light color, which are important elements that determine the content of the design scheme and even the final landscape effect. The designers shall make appropriate and reasonable settings according to the needs. During the construction process, signal lines, power lines and other facilities must be laid in strict accordance with the regulations to ensure normal and safe use in the later stage. LED lighting is called the fourth generation of automotive light source. Compared with incandescent lamps, although the one-time investment is higher, LED lamps have the characteristics of high reliability and low power consumption, and the product life is longer, requiring less maintenance and operation costs. Recently, with the continuous development of brightness and optional colors, the advantages of LED lamps for automotive lighting are gradually reflected, and the trend of replacing incandescent lamps is very obvious. Lamps have played an important role in the safe driving of vehicles, compared with the substantial growth in 2012. Whether construction machinery such as excavators, excavators, engineering vehicles, or our cars, they are very important. A large number of plastic parts are used in LED lamps, including LED packaging elements, LED optical lenses, light scattering elements, high-efficiency heat dissipation elements, light reflection and light diffusion plates, etc., and heat-conducting plastics are increasingly replacing metal parts in the heat-conducting parts of LED lamps

installation skills of lighting fixtures for Zhengzhou metro construction equipment as far as LED lighting fixtures are concerned, in a limited volume, the LED modules are placed very close to the power supply. The heat emitted by LEDs during operation is very high, and some power supply components are very sensitive to heat. If the heat dissipation design of lamps is unreasonable, or the quality of components is not up to standard, the damage of power supply modules in use will be very frequent. The most direct manifestation of the power module damage is that the lamp cannot be powered on or suddenly turns off during use. By studying the product life, we can master the distribution law of its life. For electronic components, the duration of their internal physical mechanism from formation to disappearance can be called life. Before people choose any product, life is an important consideration parameter. Therefore, people have studied the life span of lighting products since the moment of their birth. For the prediction method of traditional light source life, countries all over the world have given corresponding standards, and as an emerging technology, the study of LED life naturally attracts wide attention from all walks of life. Although LED products are solid light-emitting, it also has its lifetime. High thermal conductivity plastic radiator can design many precise cooling wings, which can be made many and very thin, and the heat dissipation area can be expanded to the largest extent. When the cooling wings work, they automatically form air convection and diffusion heat, and the heat dissipation effect is good

led is not as good as diamond. It will also have unstable performance due to color temperature, waterproof and heat dissipation. Therefore, if it is used improperly, light failure will also occur, and the user should be clear about this. Light gives people a sense of light, while dark shadows give people a sense of weight; The same vision will also have this feeling for color, white and black contrast, white light black heavy

now LED lamps and lanterns adopt the lamp bead modular technology. Through integrated packaging, multiple LED point light sources or LED modules can be combined according to a certain number and shape to meet the needs of different lamp power and types. However, due to the unreasonable design of heat dissipation structure or the defects in the manufacturing process of lamp bead module, many lamps and lanterns will burn out part or all of the lamp bead module after a period of use. Compare normal and damaged lamp bead modules. The most direct manifestation of lamp bead module damage is that the illumination decreases significantly, the light spot appears obvious dark lines, or the lamp is not bright at all. Ignite the standard lamp and the tested lamp in turn in the integrating sphere, and record their readings in the photoelectric converter as es and ED respectively. The luminous flux of standard lamp is known φ s. Then the luminous flux of the tested lamp. The integral method uses the principle of "point light source", which is simple to operate, but the measurement error is large due to the color temperature deviation between the standard lamp and the tested lamp. Electrical parameters mainly include forward voltage, reverse voltage and reverse current, which are related to the normal operation of LED lamps, and are one of the basis for judging the basic performance of LED lamps. Light gives people a sense of light, while dark shadows give people a sense of weight; The same vision will also have this feeling for color, white and black contrast, white light black heavy

with the change of competition pattern, LED production capacity is gradually transferred from the United States, Japan and the European Union to Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, China and South Korea. The speed of industrial integration has been significantly accelerated, and the industrial concentration has gradually increased. What are the current development trends of owning plastic packaging materials used in the food industry? Let's take a few cases to see the rapid growth of industry leaders with core technological advantages. Light gives people a sense of light, while dark shadows give people a sense of weight; The same vision will also have this feeling for color, white and black contrast, white light black heavy

for some LED lamps that rely on fans to actively dissipate heat, the normal operation of fans is the basis for their long-term stable operation. The author often finds that the damage of LED lamp beads or power modules is caused by the damage of their fans after a period of use, or the reduction of heat dissipation capacity can not meet the design heat dissipation standards. Heat dissipation and performance of high-power LED lighting fixtures 2.1 heat dissipation principle of high-power LED lighting fixtures the reason why LED can become ordinary lighting is mainly the development and application of high-power LED. At the beginning, high-power LED was mainly based on the heat dissipation analysis of LED lighting lamps made of thermal conductive plastic 285. It was still used in tunnels, mines, venues and other places. Later, with the improvement of technology, high-power LED also began to be used in indoor and outdoor general lighting systems. In any case, switching from traditional incandescent lamps to LED chandeliers, or LED lamps for other purposes, may be one of the best decisions you make for your home. Because the benefits of LED lights are not limited to the personal level, it also makes a "significant contribution to the well-being of the whole society and the environment in the development of food packaging materials

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