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Equipment installation, disassembly and migration

the installation and removal of various mechanical equipment should be carried out in strict accordance with their factory instructions and the prepared special installation and removal plan

before the relocation of mechanical equipment, the upper clearance of bridges and culverts on the driving route and the bearing capacity of roads and bridges should be found out. When passing the bridge, the low gear should be used to drive slowly, and no steering or braking is allowed on the bridge deck. For bridges with insufficient bearing capacity, reinforcement measures must be formulated in advance

mechanical equipment must be installed on a flat and solid site. In case of soft site, it must be tamped first and padded with abutment wood and wood board. For the drilling rig operating on the bench, the chassis of the drilling rig must be reliably connected with the bench

mechanical equipment must be installed firmly and in a correct level. Rotary drill 1. In order to save money and obtain the rotary center of the profit machine, the plumb line of the groove edge of the crown block pulley of the impact (punching) drill frame should be aligned with the position of the pile hole, and the deviation should not be greater than the allowable value (10 ~ 15mm) of the following problems when the design and verification personnel stop the verification and calibration of the electronic universal testing machine

a solid protective railing or cover must be installed on the outside of the transmission part of the mechanical equipment (exposed gear, Cardan wheel, belt and pressure wheel), and the steel wire rope used for the pressure wheel must be equipped with a protective sleeve

the thickness of the board laid on the bench (platform) shall not be less than 50mm; When steel plates are used for laying, the steel plate surface shall be provided with anti-skid measures

the ladder, workbench and protective railings of the tower must be installed firmly and reliably, and the net height of the protective railings should not be less than 1.2m. Steel castings must be used for pulley and crown wheel, and crown wheel shall be equipped with crown block baffle. The steel wire rope lifting stopper and the safety baffle to prevent the steel wire rope from jumping must be installed

the tower shall not be installed under the overhead transmission line. When the tower is erected (installed) or put down (disassembled), a certain safe operating distance must be maintained between its outer edge and the sideline of the overhead transmission line, and it must comply with the provisions of articles 2.0.16 and 4.0.17 of this specification

when installing, disassembling and relocating the tower, you must obey the unified command of the machine (shift) head or technicians. It is strictly forbidden for operators to throw tools and objects up and down, and it is strictly forbidden to work on and under the tower at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to store disassembly and assembly tools and objects on the tower or at a high place. When the tower is erected or put down as a whole, the construction personnel should leave the scope of the tower

when the equipment is moved on site, the operators should first check and remove the obstacles on the way, and special personnel must be assigned to look after the cable to prevent rolling damage. Irrelevant personnel should evacuate to a safe area

when moving the platform in the way of track and roller, operators should first check the safety conditions of track, pulley, roller, steel wire rope, supporting equipment of supporting tension testing machine: upper and lower temperature test box leg oil cylinder, and strive to be stable and uniform when moving to prevent dumping

when the truck mounted drilling rig is shifted, it is necessary to put down the mast, remove the cables, rubber hoses, and immediately use a triangular wedge to tighten the wheels after the drilling rig is in place, and ensure that the outrigger is located on the base wood. 3. Hydraulic oil: the liquid level of the oil tank must be often checked and the oil must be replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; But the most important thing is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃

when transporting mechanical equipment by truck, the objects should be placed firmly and bound, and the loading and unloading should be commanded by an experienced person. Overload loading is prohibited. The springboard used for manual loading and unloading must have sufficient strength and be equipped with anti-skid barriers. The shelving slope shall not be greater than 20 ℃. Anti sliding measures shall be taken at the landing end

the installation height of the tripod or A-frame of the impact drill and the impact grab cone shall not be less than 7.5m, the angle between the two legs shall not be less than 75 ℃, the bottom leg shall be fixed, the flat handle shall be installed, and the safety factor shall not be less than 5, and the safety factor of the steel wire rope shall not be less than 6

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