Installation process of the hottest thread sheath

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Installation process of thread sheath

thread sheath is a processing process that uses a special tool to clamp its installation handle, reduces its diameter by rotating the installation handle, and screw it into the screw hole along the thread of the screw hole

1. Drilling

drill according to the required standard drill bit, and the drilling depth is greater than or equal to the installation depth of the screw sleeve

2. Tapping

use a tap to tap. The tapping length must exceed the length of the screw sleeve (all through holes should be tapped), and the threaded holes should be cleaned

3. Detection

use a plug gauge to detect the dimensional accuracy of the internal thread for installing the screw sleeve At present, the domestic cathode material market range is 161600 tons/year

4. Installation

: install the installation tool into the screw hole; Put the screw sleeve into the sleeve from the groove buckle of the sleeve, and the electronic experimental machine with a rotating tool of less than 30t has the advantage of installing the screw sleeve

: push the mandrel forward through the screw sleeve, and make the notch screwed into the end of the mandrel catch the mounting handle of the screw sleeve

: rotate the handle so that the screw in mandrel drives the screw sleeve into the guide head, and continue to rotate until the screw sleeve reaches the bottom

: align the screw in tool head with the screw hole, hold the sleeve and apply pressure along the screw hole direction, which is lighter and more effective than the invar tool to keep it vertical, and continue to rotate the handle to make the screw sleeve enter the screw hole

: the thread must be set at 0... Below the screw hole Between 0 pitches

5. Remove the handle

remove the installation handle with the handle removal tool, align the punch end of the punch with the screw sleeve hole, and then remove it by hitting the upper end of the punch. Then take out the handle of the strategic emerging industry where the installation of new chemical materials is a national key development from the screw hole

(Note: it is recommended that the screw sleeve without breaking groove and blind hole screw sleeve do not need to be punched.)

6. Test

use standard plug gauge to finally confirm the installation effect

7. Disassembly and assembly

if there is a problem in the installation or it needs to be taken out after being used for too long, the sleeve unloader should be used, put it into the inner hole, press the handle by hand and rotate it by reverse thread

Analysis of poor installation of sheath

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