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tower crane jacking and joint installation scheme

first, rotate the jib to the direction of introducing the standard section of the tower body, that is, the jib is located directly above the lifting beam, so that the slewing mechanism is braked, and the jib cannot rotate. If you want to add several standard sections, arrange them under the jib one by one

second, adjust the gap between the guide wheel of the jacket and the tower body, with 3~5mm as the appropriate, loosen the length of the cable, so that it is slightly larger than the total jacking height. Lift a standard section with a hook and put it on the introduction trolley installed in the introduction beam at the lower part of the lower turntable. The hook lifts another standard section to the highest position, and moves the trolley position (the trolley is about 10m away from the rotation center), so that the center of gravity of the part above the tower crane frame falls on the hinge point on the jacking oil cylinder. During actual operation, ④ press the pull-down extension key, and the collet on the instrument runs upward to stretch the sample. At this time, the force value and extension are instantly cleared, and gradually rise from zero. It is an ideal position to observe that the guide wheels at the four corners of the jacket are basically separated from the standard section and main ejector rod of the tower crane. Then remove the eight high-strength connecting bolts connecting the lower turntable and the standard section, and check whether the climbing claw affects the climbing

III. place the jacking beam on the step of the tower crane, start the hydraulic system, make the piston rod fully extend, slightly retract the piston rod, and put the climbing claw on the step of the tower. Then all the piston rods are retracted, and the jacking beam is placed on the upper step of the tower crane again, and all the piston rods are extended again. At this time, there is just a space above the tower crane where the standard section can be installed

IV. pull the introduction trolley, lead the standard section directly above the tower body, align the bolt connection hole of the standard section, and when retracting the piston rod to the upper and lower standard sections, connect the upper and lower standard sections with high-strength bolts

v. adjust the telescopic length of the piston rod, and connect the lower turntable with the standard section with high-strength bolts

VI. The above is a standard section adding process. If it is necessary to add sections continuously, the above process can be repeated. After installing 3 standard sections, the lower four diagonal braces must be installed and adjusted to bear the force evenly, so that the tower crane can be hoisted

VII. Precautions in the process of jacking and jointing:

1. During the process from the jacking beam being placed on the step of the tower body to the piston rod of the oil cylinder being fully extended, and the climbing claw on the jacket resting on the step, the movement of the jacket relative to the jacking beam and the tower body must be carefully observed, and the jacking should be stopped immediately in case of abnormal conditions

2. Prepare to add sections, remove the high-strength connecting bolts between the lower turntable and the standard section, and connect the high-strength bolts between the lower turntable and the standard section after adding sections. In the whole process, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the jib

3. If several standard sections are to be raised continuously, after each standard section is added, before lifting a standard section with the tower crane, the high-strength bolts between the lower turntable of the tower crane and the standard section should be connected, which may not be completely tightened

4. The side with step board of the added standard section should be aligned

5. After the tower crane is jointed, make the outer surface of all guide wheel main cross bars on the frame, and check the tightening of high-strength bolts between the tower body and the joints of the standard section. After the tower crane is jointed and unloaded, turn the tower crane so that the main cross bar of the tower crane is directly below the balance arm, from top to Tongling ldquo; Pro business rdquo; Service attract enterprises to settle down, tighten all the connecting bolts on the main cross bar of the 230 single leaf flat open multi-function door, and tighten other bolts in the same way

VIII. Safety Discipline:

1. It is strictly prohibited to operate against rules and work without certificates

2. This operation is specially responsible for the overall arrangement of the whole jacking and sectioning process

3. Operators must wear safety helmets and non slip rubber shoes, and safety belts must be fastened for high-altitude operations

4. It is strictly forbidden to work after drinking and with diseases

5. Strictly abide by the discipline of the construction site

6. No operation is allowed when the wind force reaches above level 6

7. Pay attention to keep balance before and after lifting and lifting, and it is strictly forbidden to lift and lift sections above grade 4 wind

8. Other operators are strictly prohibited from working at the same time in the operation area

9. During installation, all bolts must be tightened and all pin shafts must be locked with cotter pins

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