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Installation process and dragging specific steps of crane electric winch

first come to the construction site of Qianjiang Century City talent special housing project located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The installation process is as follows: 1. Insert the remote control; 2. Do not let the connection of the remote control hang. 3. Open the winch, release the winch a little with the remote control, and then open the winch hook installed on the side of the winch. 4. Open the clutch. Be sure to open the hook before opening the clutch. 5. Hold the lanyard hook with your hand. When pulling the lanyard off the drum, hold the hook with one hand, so that no matter how long you pull the lanyard, you won't miss the hook

6. Pull the winch to the fulcrum and lock the clutch

next is the fixed fulcrum

if there is no safe fulcrum, we can't give full play to its potential without the use of various fiber material pipes in the production process. In other words, fixing the fulcrum is a crucial step when using the winch

when using the winch, a belt is also needed to connect the winch, fulcrum, winch hook and U-shaped lifting lug. If the winch does not have enough power to drag the heavy object with a single line, it needs to use two lines to enhance its strength, and then a tight line pulley is also needed

another thing to pay attention to is that when using trees as fulcrum, the widest part of the belt should be used to prevent the belt from cutting into the bark and damaging the trees, and the left and right ends of the belt must be tied on both sides of the lifting lug respectively, and the length of the belt on both sides should be the same

technical requirements of hook tensile strength tester, and then start dragging. The specific steps of dragging with electric winch are:

1. Check the drum first. 2. If the noose comes out, it should be prevented from swinging back and forth. If the noose is broken, the rope swinging back and forth can be very dangerous. However, this danger can be avoided as long as a cushion is placed on the tight rope

3. Start dragging. If you use a lanyard to pull your car and you want to drive in the car, you'd better have someone outside the car to help you

4. If the noose is twisted together, be sure to pull it apart. When the winch is wound on the drum, it is easy to cross or the operation is relatively simple, and it becomes uneven on one side. Therefore, pay close attention to its state

5. When the car can walk freely, dragging is completed. Once back on the flat ground, check the condition of vehicles and lines

6. Roll up the noose. Tighten the noose and send it back carefully

7. Finally, put the hook. When there is only the last point of the winch, tie the hook to the side of the winch. Then roll up the remaining noose and press the hook

8. Remove the remote control

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