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Installation procedure of leather shoe peeling testing machine

installation and puncture procedures of leather shoe peeling testing machine

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the tensile testing machine should be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with a room temperature of 20 ℃ to eliminate the charge in lightning stroke. It is noted that sufficient free area should be left around the testing machine for beam bending test, test with extensometer and maintenance of equipment

installation method of tensile testing machine

1. The main body and dynamometer of the installation

tensile testing machine should be installed on the concrete foundation. The foundation size should be specified according to the shape and foundation drawing, and the holes for anchor screws and lower jaw screw rods, as well as the installation pipes of wires and other devices should be reserved

the upper plane of the foundation should be flat, align with a level ruler, and install the testing machine after the foundation is dry

①  Installation of force testing machine and preliminary accuracy alignment

move the main body and dynamometer to the concrete foundation respectively, adjust the distance between the main body and dynamometer and adjust the direction according to the shape and foundation drawing, and then insert a small thin iron block into the bottom of the main body and dynamometer (between the foundation) respectively, and use a square level with accuracy of 0.05/1000 for alignment respectively

preliminary alignment of the main body

the vertical and horizontal positions of the two columns can be measured with a square level, and the non verticality shall not be greater than 0.3/1000. Then, the square level can be used to lean against the vertical and horizontal positions of the outer surface of the oil cylinder to align its verticality

② accuracy alignment of tensile testing machine

after the above preliminary accuracy alignment of the testing machine, connect the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling, and carry out the preliminary operation test run. After the test run is in good condition, then carry out the accuracy alignment of the testing machine

lean on the working platform with a square horizontal instrument, align the verticality of the oil cylinder, adjust or increase or decrease the sizing block under its base, so that the error shall not be greater than 0.10/1000

after the accuracy of the testing machine is found, use cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the machine base, keep the machine base well combined with the cement foundation, and prevent the uneven level of the testing machine caused by vibration during use

after the foundation nut is poured, it is not allowed to tighten the foundation nut and start the testing machine before the cement is dry. (the cement drying time is generally not less than 10-15 days) after the cement is completely dried, tighten the foot nut, and recheck the installation accuracy of the testing machine to see whether it is consistent with the alignment accuracy. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re aligned

tensile testing machine in use 1 HRC means Rockwell hardness C scale. Due to the vibration during the test, it is easy to loose, so the relevant parts should be fastened after the tensile testing machine is used for a period of time

2. When installing the oil pipe connecting the main body and the dynamometer, clean the inside of the oil pipe with kerosene first to ensure the cleanness of the oil circuit. Pay attention to whether the gasket at the joint is complete to prevent oil leakage under high pressure

3. The specification of oil is

in hydraulic rotation, N68 precision machine tool hydraulic oil can be used, and other similar specifications of oil can also be used. Its kinematic viscosity is 11-14 centistokes (100 ℃)

4. Fill and drain oil

open the air filter on the oil tank, fill the oil into the oil tank, and the amount of oil injected at one time is about 24 kg. Refer to the specification introduction of oil for the specification of oil used. When draining the oil, open the oil nozzle at the bottom of the left side of the dynamometer. The service life of the oil depends on the local climate. If the oil begins to deteriorate or is dirty and cannot be used, replace it with a new oil

5. Power on

the electrical device of the tensile testing machine is in the dynamometer, and the power supply is three-phase four wire system. The circuit between the main body and the dynamometer is connected by plug. Before power on, the dust and other impurities in the electrical box should be cleaned. After the power line is introduced, press the power button on the dynamometer panel, and the indicator light is on to prove that the power supply has started. At this time, press the oil pump start button to observe the rotation direction of the motor, Press the jaw base lifting button again, check whether the lifting action of the lower jaw base is consistent with the text shown on the button, and check whether each limit switch works

6. Lubrication

lubricating oil can be poured on the screw rod of the lower jaw to lubricate the screw rod and the screw nut. There is an oil injection hole on the base, which is to inject oil into the oil to lubricate the worm. The scale of the oil in the oil can be measured by the oil probe, and the maximum oil level of the oil does not exceed the lower flat part of the oil probe. The lower end of the oil probe is the lowest oil level in the oil pan

7. Initial operation and commissioning of oil pump

press the button on the dynamometer table to start or stop the rotation of oil pump. When running for the first time after installation or changing the wire connector, check whether the oil circuit of the oil pump is unblocked

8. Safety device

the main oil cylinder and hydraulic chuck Department of the tensile testing machine are equipped with protective overflow valve and limit switch

9。 Precautions during operation

① if the oil pump suddenly stops working during the test, the added load should be removed at this time to reduce the oil pressure. After inspection, restart the oil pump for test. Do not start the oil pump under high pressure or check the cause of the accident

② if the electric appliance fails and the start or stop button does not work when the tensile testing machine is working, the power supply should be cut off immediately to stop the testing machine

③ it is forbidden for non operators to operate the machine

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