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Some prices of Yanshan Petrochemical PP have been raised

some prices of Yanshan Petrochemical PP have been raised today: the quotation of copolymerization k8303 has been raised by 100 yuan/ton to 12800 yuan/ton, and the others remain unchanged. The drawing material S1003 is out of stock, and K1008 is quoted at 12100 yuan, so it is rarely used/ton now. The tube material b8101 is quoted at 13400 yuan/ton, and the tube material 4220 is quoted at 13800 yuan. The status of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters can be learned through the display screen. 3 Check the jaw to see if the running direction of the oil pump and the direction of the arrow are 1 yuan/ton, the washing machine material k7726 is quoted at 12400 yuan/ton, the medical injection material k4912 is quoted at 12500 yuan/ton, the infusion bottle material b4808 is quoted at 12500 yuan/ton, the t1701 is quoted at 11800 yuan/ton, and the casting film c1008 is quoted at 11800 yuan/ton

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