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Yanqing County of Beijing has introduced Sinoma leaves for environmental development. "The national standard for the discharge of fluorine-containing sewage (hereinafter referred to as the sewage discharge index) except Beijing is 20, that of Beijing is 10, and that of Yanqing County is 2." Sunziguang, director of Yanqing County Economic and Information Technology Commission, told China's economy and information technology that "in order to keep this indicator, Yanqing missed a lot of economic development opportunities." During the conversation, sunziguang showed the unique temperament of a leader of the district and County Economic and information department

a few years ago, when other districts and counties around Beijing were offering "olive branches" to enterprises to attract investment in order to strengthen the secondary industry, Yanqing declined many "gods of wealth" who took the initiative to visit, and most of these "gods of wealth" were enterprises that failed to meet the environmental assessment. Environmental indicators and survival and development seem to be "you can't have both fish and bear's paw", which is difficult to damage Yanqing County. After a short period of consideration, Yanqing County chose the environment without hesitation. Therefore, for a long time in the past, the development of Yanqing County fell behind other districts and counties around Beijing

"up to now, environmental indicators are still a necessary condition for the development of Yanqing County." When it comes to fatigue testing machine, sun Ziguang emphasizes this. However, to the admiration of other surrounding districts and counties in Beijing, the new energy and environmental protection industries, which are defined as the strategic emerging industries presided over by Albert Yin, vice president of the China EU Automotive Materials Committee, have become the regional economic characteristics of Yanqing County, and Yanqing has won the reputation of "green and low-carbon development"

some people say that Yanqing County acquired the new energy and environmental protection industries from its temporary lagging development. After a long period of transformation, can Yanqing County, known as the "ecological conservation and development area", break its cocoon and become a butterfly

after a series of screening, Sinoma wind power blade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma blade), a well-known domestic new energy enterprise, has fallen to Yanqing. This top three enterprise in the industry, which has expanded its territory to various wind power bases across the country, was initially registered in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in Yizhuang. However, after contact with Yanqing County, the leader in the new energy industry finally chose Yanqing

"that was in 2007. Sinoma only planned to build a production base in Yanqing." Wuping, assistant director of Yanqing County Economic and Information Technology Commission, recalled

tracing the life experience of Sinoma blades, we found that its predecessor, Beijing Institute of glass and steel composites Co., Ltd., which was separated from the 251 military enterprise, paid more attention to some details (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Institute of glass and steel"), and then dug deeper. The predecessor of Beijing Institute of glass and steel composites Co., Ltd. was the Beijing Institute of glass and Steel Research and design of new organic liners, which has been engaged in the research and development of FRP and other composite products for more than 40 years. The deep research and development foundation has laid the foundation for the take-off of Sinoma blades. After several docking negotiations, Sinoma finally moved to Yanqing, becoming a unique new energy equipment manufacturing enterprise in Yanqing County

in fact, Sinoma's blade was finally settled in Yanqing after a lot of deliberation. Beibo Steel Institute, which provides technical support for the enterprise, is located in Yanqing, and 251 plant is also located in Yanqing. The advantage of being close to the parent company in location brings a lot of intangible convenience to the enterprise and saves a lot of trouble. It is also more crucial to play a decisive role. In 2006, Yanqing County was identified as a new and renewable energy demonstration county by the Beijing municipal government. Yanqing County, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on one side, has all other new energies except tidal energy, such as wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, etc. these abundant energies brought by nature have provided environmental support for the settlement of Sinoma blades in Yanqing

in addition, Yanqing County has enough land for enterprises to build factories. "Wind power blade products are very large. The 1500 kW blade is more than 40 meters long, and the 2500 kW blade is meters long. It covers a large area." Chuzhuxin, director of Sinoma leaf office, said, "what we worried most at that time was where to find enough land to build factories." Yanqing Badaling Economic Development Zone, established in 1992, covers an area of 4.891 square kilometers. It can be regarded as a "major land user" in the development zones of districts and counties around Beijing. The land preference policy for the development of new energy and environmental protection industries in Yanqing County also gave Sinoma the idea of building a factory in Yanqing

"at that time, the land use in Yizhuang was almost saturated, so it was difficult to meet the needs of Sinoma to occupy a large area of land and build factories. Yanqing was a latecomer in economic development, and Badaling Economic Development Zone could provide enterprises with more preferential and sufficient land." Wu Ping said

Sinoma eventually moved from Yizhuang to Yanqing. Compared with the above factors, sunziguang believes that the soft environment of the latter is also particularly important. "After Sinoma blade settled in Yanqing, as a responsible department of the government, we coordinated with enterprises in the aspects of roads, transportation, pipelines, power supply, land planning, telecommunications, etc., saving enterprises a certain amount of investment costs and creating a relatively loose investment environment."

it is a foregone conclusion that Yanqing is suitable for the settlement of Sinoma blades, but whether Sinoma blades meet the nearly harsh access conditions of Yanqing has also become the key to the success of the settlement. "Will your enterprise cause serious pollution to the environment of Yanqing County?" As a new energy industry equipment manufacturing enterprise, Sinoma blade must also answer this question. "Every industry includes new energy and environmental protection industries. Looking at the whole industrial chain, there will be enterprises with excessive pollution in terms of R & D, production, manufacturing, processing and other links." Sun Ziguang introduced

the leaves of Sinoma will produce odor, dust and other pollutants in the production process, and there will be some pollution in water and electricity. At that time, worries were hanging over Sinoma leaf and everyone in Yanqing County Government

after careful inspection and review by environmental experts, Sinoma leaves produced little pollution during the production process, which can fully meet the "2" environmental assessment index of Yanqing County. "We have a long-term agreement with an environmental protection enterprise in Beijing on the waste generated during production. These leftover materials will be properly handled by the enterprise and will not cause pollution to the outside world." Chu Zhuxin pointed to a pile of leftover materials in the workshop

in the open space of Sinoma blade factory, pieces of wind power blades like aircraft wings are waiting to be delivered to all wind power bases nationwide after being matched with the generator head. "These blades are made of composite materials, which are completely independently developed by the company, saving energy and protecting the environment." Chu Zhuxin speaks like a treasure

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