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Yantai: misleading packaging misleads consumers

people are no stranger to the luxury packaging of moon cakes, but now many commodities, including seafood, perfume, snacks, drinks and so on, play a "trick" on the packaging. Recently, the Measurement Institute of Yantai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision found that misleading packaging urgently needs the attention of consumers

the author saw in the urban market and supermarket that many beautifully packaged dried seafood, such as dried rice, clam meat, squid shreds, etc., seem to be a very affordable box. In fact, the "dry goods" are just a thin layer on the top, and hidden underneath are all foam, and the price is not cheap. Many expensive liquor, perfume and other liquid commodities have made an article on the bottle. Why is Jinan Shijin so famous? The bottle cap, wall and bottom account for one-third to one-half of the capacity. Consumers buy a large bottle home, which seems very cost-effective. In fact, the unit physical price is amazing

for these misleading packaging, many businesses think it is normal. They say: "commodities need to be beautified. Manufacturers and businesses are easy to sell. Consumers are willing to buy them. Some gift givers still feel that they have face."

according to the person in charge of Yantai Municipal Bureau of planning and attracting a large number of visitors, in the international legal organization's No. 87 international recommendation, there is a clear definition of misleading packaging: misleading packaging refers to the packaging of quantitatively packaged goods that may mislead consumers in the production, appearance, introduction, marking or filling of commodity packaging. Specifically, false bottle bottoms, bottle walls, caps and covers should not be used, and other forms of construction and filling should not be used to further increase the breadth and depth of the use of plastic products to deceive consumers

in this regard, Yantai Quality Supervision Department reminded consumers not to be blinded by the packaging when purchasing goods

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in January, 2006, the measures for the supervision and administration of measurement of quantitatively packed goods were issued, which clearly stipulates that when using the packaging of goods, producers and sellers of quantitatively packed goods should save resources, reduce pollution, correctly guide consumption, and the size of the packaging of goods should be equivalent to the volume proportion of the net content of goods. It is not allowed to use false packaging or deliberately exaggerate the packaging size of quantitatively packed commodities, so as to make consumers misunderstand the quantity of commodities in the packaging

last year, four ministries and commissions jointly announced restrictions on luxury packaging, and the packaging of moon cakes began a slimming campaign

source: China Quality

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