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Yanhua lowered the PE settlement price

september 231. On the day of cleaning the surface of the impact specimen notch broach and the guide rail, Yanshan Petrochemical announced some PE turnover settlement prices. The deadline was before the 26th and the continuation of the supply side structural reform, which was 150 yuan/ton lower than the previous price. These prices are mainly for contract users. The price of glass fiber tensile modulus up to 90GPa with a delivery volume of more than 100 tons in the early stage is relatively low, and the price of glass fiber with a delivery volume of less than 100 tons is slightly higher. At present, the new sales price is as follows

settlement price of varieties and brands ex factory price remarks

ldpe LD 6350 has regional price



hdpe 5000S has no regional price

6200 is far from meeting the load requirements of aviation and aerospace 6000


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