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Yibin Jiang'an county power supply company replaced the oil leakage transformer by turning the buffer to the appropriate position, and then you can praise it. Chenzurong, China Power News correspondent, WangQingqing reported that "the power supply company is efficient, and the power supply was restored as soon as we opened the door, so it won't delay our business. Praise it!" Looking at the efficient work efficiency of the on-site repair staff, the surrounding stores and businesses have expressed their praise

it is reported that as early as half a month ago, the emergency repair team of Jiang'an company had found that there was oil leakage in the transformer. At that time, it was at the peak of the summer and the relevant materials were not complete, so it was decided to observe the operation of the transformer and prepare the relevant materials at the same time

in the early morning of September 6, guoyibin River found biased and emerging problems in time. Anxian power supply company organized all team members to replace the public transformer in No. 4 community of 10 kV Jiangxi line free of charge, which effectively guaranteed the production and living electricity of surrounding users, and laid a good foundation for the safe and stable operation of power in Jiang'an city

the transformer is located in the central road of Jiang'an county. There are many residents and stores around. In order not to affect the power consumption of the surrounding users, the emergency repair team of Jiang'an company arranged and arranged the transformer replacement in the early morning of September 6 under the arrangement of the team leader chenxiaohu. Everyone closely cooperated with the experimental machine of the regiment, which usually adopts hydraulic oil combination cooperation. All work on the whole site is being carried out in an orderly manner

"it can be replaced in less than an hour. Please wait." Chenxiaohu explained to the surrounding users while directing the on-site work

with the arrival of the new transformers on the clamps for some new and special materials, the on-site emergency repair personnel cooperated with each other. After 2 hours of intense struggle, the transformers were successfully replaced in place, and the power supply was restored to the power cut areas

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